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Window films

Affordable Window Film & Window Tinting Services In Chicago, IL

Window films can change the entire outlook of your business or residence. First of all, we offer one of the widest varieties of window tinting in the Naperville, IL, and Chicago, IL, area. This means anything that you have in mind – you will find it here, at Captivating Signs.

There might be various reasons why you are looking for a window film provider. Below are the most commonly requested types. If you find the one you’re interested in, get a free quote from us today. We understand that the cost of window film may be one of the most significant contributors to your decision-making process, so we assure you that we provide the most affordable rates in Naperville, IL, and Chicago, IL, area.

Types of Window Film and Office Window Tint Services in Naperville, IL, and Chicago, IL:

  • Insulating films
  • Glare reduction
  • UV blocking
  • Privacy window films
  • Decorative window films
  • Commercial window tint
  • Safety and security
  • Anti-graffiti
  • One way mirror
  • Dyed films
  • Metal films
  • Ceramic films
  • Spectrally selective films

Choose Privacy Window Films for Chicago and Naperville, IL Homes

The selection, primarily, depends on where you need to use the window film. If it is to be used in a residential setting, the primary goal may be privacy, in which case one can opt for Privacy Window Film, the One-Way Mirror, or even Dyed Films. You can even go for a decorative window film that you can replace every holiday season for that added “oomph” factor.

How to Maintain Privacy with Window Films for Offices and Commercial Spaces

For any business in the Chicago, IL area that wants the finesse of having floor-to-ceiling glass windows all the while maintaining the privacy factor from the passerby on the street, you have to opt for our frosted window films – or even patterned & tinted window films, perhaps. Connect with a professional to understand your needs better. Often, the privacy of a conference room can be enhanced by adding frosted or patterned window films – most professionals prefer that the presentations displayed on screens are kept private, limiting the number of people in the conference room. It can be a great way to increase confidentiality in meetings among the managerial staff.

Add the Holiday Spirit With Decorative Window Films

Whether you need window signs for your residential use or commercial use, decorative window films are a big hit during the holiday season. Whether it’s Christmas time, Halloween, Easter, or even New Year’s, every window could use a bit of sprucing up. Some folks like to change things around now and then, whether or not it’s holiday-related. If you’re one of those people and can’t figure out exactly what type of decorative window film you’re looking for at the moment, then contact Captivating Signs, and we will help any residential or commercial business in the Chicago area find the perfect window tinting solution.

Whether you decide to choose a privacy window film, decorative window film, and anti-graffiti window film, or increase how you can market your brand or company even more efficiently, we at Captivating Signs are a one-stop shop to cater to your window filming needs.

As the window tinting experts in Chicago, call Captivating Signs today at 630-403-8941 or Contact Us on our website for a free consultation with a window film expert!


Vinyl signage is any indoor or outdoor signage made from vinyl. Vinyl is a flexible and long-lasting material that can be used to create signs in a variety of finishes and colors.

The durability of sign vinyl is determined by the material, adhesive, and location of the application. The sun may progressively degrade vinyl over time, but it is estimated that vinyl-made signage would survive at least 5 to 10 years.

Calendered vinyl is the type of vinyl used for signs. It is a cost-effective intermediate vinyl that can be applied to any surface and provides excellent performance on flat, simple, and gentle curves.

Vinyl fades with time subject to the type of vinyl, environmental issues such as UV radiation from the sun, and maintenance.

Vinyl with a stronger adhesive is classified as permanent. Permanent vinyl may, as implied by its name, last for a very long period. Although it is removable, it will leave behind residue. It can be incredibly difficult to remove and may damage the paint on your car or wall. Since this vinyl is the most difficult to remove of the two primary types, it is best used to designate objects such as doors.

Vinyl is designed to endure a variety of climates and weather conditions, though the sun may progressively degrade vinyl over time. Signs made of vinyl are expected to endure at least 5-10 years.

Vinyl signs are priced differently based on a variety of factors namely: type, size, materials, and complexity. Contact us for a free quote!

Vinyl decals are quoted based on a variety of factors including size, design, hours, number of pieces, and more! For an in-depth look at our processes, contact Captivating Signs today.

Vinyl signs are completely waterproof and weather-resistant, and are more durable than a standard paper sticker, making them suited for even the most extreme weather situations.

There are 3 main choices when it comes to professional-grade vinyl for commercial signs:

  1. 3M™ Films:
  2. Avery Dennison® Films
  3. ORACAL® Films:


Get your professional, custom vinyl signage project started with Captivating Signs!

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