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High Quality ADA Signs

ADA-compliant indoor signs assist your visually challenged customers as they make their way inside your establishment. Over 2.5 million individuals are suffering from blindness and some form of visual impairment in America alone. This is why special guidelines have been strictly mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Standards for Accessible design to ensure that differently-abled individuals get the appropriate assistance for their safety and wellness. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you make your establishment accessible for all types of customers to show that the brand cares about everyone’s experience.

Captivating Signs is a dependable signage partner with the experience and expertise in designing, producing, and installing ADA braille signs. With us, you can guarantee that no sign specification is missed or wrongfully implemented.

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Legally Compliant Signage

Non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is considered a violation of civil rights, resulting in legal fines against the business owner. Sometimes, entrepreneurs are not issued a certificate of occupancy, and their companies are given a failed mark upon inspection. Therefore, choosing the right sign company is critical to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer from any of these consequences

Your Trusted Local Sign Company

Captivating Signs is your long-term signage partner for all your indoor and outdoor sign needs. Over the years, we have mastered the art of fabricating ADA signs down to the smallest detail. Not all Naperville and Chicago sign shops can produce these tedious signs correctly. The good news is that Captivating Signs is a company you can fully rely on when it comes to ADA-compliant signs and beyond. As part of our service to you, we are offering free sign consultation to get a better idea of our exceptional sign solutions.

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