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Outdoor Signs

Raceway Channel Letters by Captivating Signs Naperville IL

Raceway Channel Letters are mounted on a 7″ x 7″ aluminum channel box known as araceway. This type of signage is eye catching and very easy to read from a distance. The Raceway Mounted Channel Letters contains all electrical components including wiring and transformers needed for the sign to work. The raceway itself is attached …
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Signage for Event Marketing

Hosting a large event can be a challenging task. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, you need effective signage that can guide people to appropriate locations. Captivating Signs can help you with effective signage for you to host a successful event.  Recently Captivating Signs just helped a Naperville, IL based organization to host Veggie …
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Monument Sign for Business

Our client, McCarty Center, was looking for a monument sign for their business park to help identify their location. The business park is located by a busy four lane highway, and they wanted people to know the name of the business park.  They were looking for an elegant sign that was cost efficient yet met …
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Flag Banner: A great way of advertising

Spring is just around the corner! Are you getting ready for your next marketing push? Temporary outdoor signs are used by many businesses to attract attention. You have probably noticed the fluttering flags by the roadside. If you are noticing flags planted outside other businesses, imagine the promotion potential of flags outside your business. Flags …
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Why Sign Code Matters for Business Signs

People often call us for new business signs or outdoor signs AFTER they have selected their location and signed a lease agreement.  In some cases, this means putting the cart before the horse – because city code in their location may not be favorable to the choice of sign.  For example, some codes restrict the …
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