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How Captivating Signs New UV Flat-bed Printer Enhances Your Brand

We admit that one of the coolest things about our new flat-bed printer is the UV technology. This is not new technology, though it feels like something from the future when we see the results. The UV LED inks used by the printer dry when hit by ultraviolet light during the printing process. This means …
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Captivating Signs Adds UV Flatbed Printer to its Production Shop

Large Format UV Flatbed Printer

Did you know that UV curing was originally developed for gel nail polishes – to get quick drying time and greater durability over time? It didn’t take long to evolve the technology to various industrial and commercial applications. We added a large format UV Flatbed printer to give us greater flexibility in our services and …
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Using Cartoons to Boost Visibility and Profit!

Cartoon logos and advertisements do more than bring a professional image to a business or organization. They are designed to show off the personality of the people and the brand as well as the business. A simple stock image or a collage of abstract shapes will seldom achieve identity the way a cartoon logo or …
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Enhance your Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

To attract the attention of the public in a trade show event, one has a very small time to make the impression. And you know the first impression is the last impression. So first thing we recommend is keep your display simple and not overly busy or cluttered. Few cardinal rules to follow: Keep it …
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Trade Show Displays and Exhibits, Part I

Trade shows are the perfect time to show your products or services to your market or industry. Trade shows comes only a few times each year and it can be pretty difficult to get in. Whether it’s a convention or conference, trade shows may be your stepping stone and the gateway to wider and more …
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