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How Captivating Signs New UV Flat-bed Printer Enhances Your Brand

We admit that one of the coolest things about our new flat-bed printer is the UV technology. This is not new technology, though it feels like something from the future when we see the results. The UV LED inks used by the printer dry when hit by ultraviolet light during the printing process. This means every image is crisper and more vibrant than with traditional inks that dry as they soak into whatever substrate receives the ink. What doesn’t soak in gets evaporated into the air. Speaking of substrates, anything is possible when printing on the flat-bed printer.

Imagine that you want to do some edgy art on the wooden doors in your office. We can print directly on the surface – no laminate required. Paper, wood, plastic, canvas, ceramic, metal, plexiglass, vinyl, and even real glass. Your printable surface can be up to 60 inches wide, and at just about any length you need it to be to showcase your brand for any application. Banners, posters, billboards, light boxes, business signs, interior doors – and more. Large scale printing is now a breeze and we do it all in-house, so turn-around is faster and our design team helps realize your vision.

Large Format Custom UV PrintingLarge scale printing is one thing, but what about the smaller stuff? Consider such items as name badges, branded items like coasters and identification cards, industrial parts and labels, machine faceplates, ceramic and porcelain tiles, or dial faces for custom clocks. Even items that you may not have thought print-ready, such as lighting panels, acoustical ceiling panels, or solid-surface floor coverings, have new potential. Large or small, rigid or flexible, if it fits into the machine, we can print on it using the UV printing technology.

There’s more! We can print your images from photographs, original art, and logo or decorative design applications – on just about any material. The surface to be printed can be any color, even black. Our UV Flat-bed printer is equipped to print white ink, which allows a greater flexibility of substrate colors and artistic expression.

We are so excited to bring UV Flat-bed printing to Captivating Signs and we would love to show you how it works.

How can we enhance your brand with our custom printing solutions?

Call Captivating Signs at 630-470-6161 to learn more about the new opportunities our UV Flat-Bed Printer provides!

Captivating Signs Adds UV Flatbed Printer to its Production Shop

Did you know that UV curing was originally developed for gel nail polishes – to get quick drying time and greater durability over time? It didn’t take long to evolve the technology to various industrial and commercial applications. We added a large format UV Flatbed printer to give us greater flexibility in our services and more product options for our customers.

Large Format UV Flatbed PrinterA clear benefit to adding a UV flat-bed printer to our shop is that the UV curing process and the flatbed feeder gives us the ability to print on non-traditional materials. In addition to standard paper, vinyl, fabric, and plastic substrates, we can print on acrylic, aluminum, and other rigid surface materials up to 2 inches thick! Overall, this machine improves our turn-around time because we can print more items in-house. Some of the options added by the flatbed printer include:

Multiple Layer Printing (with White Ink): Printing layers of white ink under color ink increases the vibrancy of the graphics and the visual impact of the whole image. This is ideal for transparent materials like glass and plexi. Imagine the possibilities for light boxes with art suitable for the man cave, she shed, or kids’ rooms. From custom clocks in your kitchen to custom logo signs in your business – multiple layer printing can bring your brand to life.

Reverse Printing: Take the same transparent materials as we discussed above and print on the back of the surface. Reverse printing requires getting the “backwards” design right – and the benefits are worth it! Reverse printing adds the perception of depth to an image and takes advantage of the natural gloss of many transparent materials. Also, the finished product is more durable and the graphics last longer because they are behind the substrate.

Large Format Graphics: Our flatbed printer easily handles rigid and flexible printable materials of up to 5 feet wide and 10, or more, feet long. The length is restricted only by the length of materials available. Surfaces can be up to 2.5 inches thick, which means the printer can print directly on surfaces like doors, frames, room divider panels, ceiling and floor tiles, etc.

In addition to the larger printing capabilities, the in-house flatbed printer allows us to print higher-volume items faster. Smaller signs and items like coasters and tiles made of stone, wood, cork, plastic, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, and more – are all possible.

Captivating Signs brings the very best in designs, technology, and service to help bring your brand to life. Let us show you how.

Call Captivating Signs today at 630-470-6161 for a Free Sign & Graphics Consultation!

Using Cartoons to Boost Visibility and Profit!

Cartoon logos and advertisements do more than bring a professional image to a business or organization. They are designed to show off the personality of the people and the brand as well as the business. A simple stock image or a collage of abstract shapes will seldom achieve identity the way a cartoon logo or advertisement can. At captivating signs, we offer various choices for the commercial signs with cartoon logos.

As more businesses embrace the web for doing business, it’s getting harder for you to compete and harder to draw in new customers. From personal websites to major corporate sites, people continue to rely on cartoon logos and advertisements to help tell their story, to stand out in a market flooded by competition, and finally to draw in those sought after customers.

Pictures are worth 1000 words, but cartoons are the images being remembered. If you’re struggling to gain traction among competitors, or you want to launch a new business with a real edge, then discover what cartoon logos and advertisements can do for you, for your company and for your brand.
– By Terry Rice
If you are interested in a commercial signage or trade show display or exhibit, contact us for a free consultation and a quote. Our contact no is 630-470-6161.

Enhance your Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

To attract the attention of the public in a trade show event, one has a very small time to make the impression. And you know the first impression is the last impression. So first thing we recommend is keep your display simple and not overly busy or cluttered. Few cardinal rules to follow:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep the Text and the Font simple
  • Keep it Colorful
  • Make it Attractive
  • Use few pictures.
  • Avoid using multiple pictures.
  • Keep the display Bold, Big and Tall.
  • If needed use suspended banners.

Also, use very little text on your trade show graphics and keep the fonts simple. Keep it short and use bullet points to easily point out the benefits of your company. If you write paragraphs of information on display, you will loose the attendees interest. Attendees feel overwhelmed by the immense amount of information you are trying to relay on your convention display. Save this information for promotional handouts and brochures.

A good selection of colors will make the display nice, colorful and pleasing, and is sure to attract the attention of attendees.  Use of orange, red and yellow will enhance the display and will add energy to the display.  However, these colors should be used cautiously as if too much of bright colors are used, it repels the audience. Colors like green, blue and lavender create a calming effect. Avoid dark colors as create a negative impression about the display.

Also make your display attractive with the right amount of color, amount of text and type of font and size of the font on the display. Make sure your display talks about your company and what you have to offer only without a lot of text.  Attendees do not prefer to read the fine print. Try to keep the font simple and legible. Arial and Times New Roman are the few commonly used. Also keep the size of the font large enough to be legible from the aisle or distance.

A picture is thousand words. Make sure your graphics have a powerful picture which talks about your product or service loud and clear. Use just one or two large photos on your trade show display. Avoid using collage or multiple pictures. Save it for the brochures and handouts.

Make sure the display is bold, tall and big enough and is clearly visible from the aisles and stands out from the rest of the displays. There’s no need to go into debt in order to have high-impact trade show display.  It takes the right amount of planning and the perfect design that will draw the attention in a crowd.  Here at Captivating Signs we offer you all the options to make sure you have the best trade show displays and exhibits. Banner System, Fabric Tension Displays, and Hanging Banner System is a cost effective way to promote your business and make a lasting impression at trade shows.

If you are interested in a trade show display or exhibit, contact us for a free consultation and a quote. Our contact information is as listed below.

Trade Show Displays and Exhibits, Part I

Trade shows are the perfect time to show your products or services to your market or industry. Trade shows comes only a few times each year and it can be pretty difficult to get in. Whether it’s a convention or conference, trade shows may be your stepping stone and the gateway to wider and more lucrative opportunities. This includes acquiring highly valued consumers and potential investors that can help you expand your business and its operations.

At Captivating Signs, Trade Show Displays and Exhibits are our specialty. We offer the widest selection of trade show displays and exhibits at the best prices in the industry. We understand that our customers are working on tight budgets and want to use their trade show displays to increase visibility for their company and make a big impact at the show. We produce displays that are successful at trade show exhibitions with beautiful graphic design to ensure that performance. We work hard to help you have a successful exhibiting experience.

At Captivating Signs, we offer  a huge selection of Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Booths and much more.

We can help you create dynamic outdoor or indoor vinyl banners for your personal or professional use.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners are great for Sidewalk sale, Closing sale, Grand opening announcements, New products, New locations, Upcoming events.
Indoor Vinyl Banners are great for Trade shows, Point-of-purchase displays, Wedding receptions, Lobbies, Networking events, Speaking engagements.
Banner wall displays of different kinds and in variety of sizes.
Our double sided banner stands offer visibility from both sides and have durable construction and easy to carry on travel.
We also offer curved trade show banners, straight trade show banners and large adjustable trade show banners, outdoor flag banners.
Another choice might be table top displays, or horizontal retractable banner displays which are perfect for trade shows and events.
Our portable pop up displays come in variety of sizes, with either graphic panels or fabric panels.  They are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up in minutes.
We also offer tension fabric displays, panel displays and expressions displays.
Hanging poster displays is a other option. They are great for lobbies and restaurants.
We also offer removable custom wall décor. It is completely removable, easy to reposition, and inexpensive. Its great for children’s room and schools, and nurseries.
We offer wide base banner stands, narrow base banner stands, double sided banner stands, retractable banner stands, scrolling banner stands, table top banner stands, telescopic banner stands, graphic banner stands, X-frame banner stands, and quick fabric banner stands.  We also offer environment friendly banner stands made of bamboo.
Custom printed table throws with your company logo and message is another way to get your message across at trade shows and events.
If you are interested in trade show displays, exhibits, and booths, feel free to contact us for a free consultation at 630-470-6161.