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Many companies enjoy the warm light of a neon sign, attracting customers like flies once the sun goes down. Traditional neon signs, however, are impractical for many businesses, due to not only the high initial investment, but also because they are costly to maintain and repair. Fortunately, here at Captivating Signs, we have the right solution to illuminate your business at a fraction of the cost with attractive, durable LED Signs!

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Alternatives to Traditional Neon Signs

Our replicated neon signs are made using high-efficiency, low-energy LED bulbs. It’s similar to the traditional neon signs in the overall look and feel, only inexpensive and providing a longer lifespan. Custom LED signage is a great choice for business owners who want to use lighted signs, but also care for the environment (and the state of their wallet). Outdoor LED signs can look like classic neon, or can be added to many different sign types, including cabinet signs, channel letters, and even interior signs, allowing you to add color and light to any aspect of your business signage.

Illuminate Your Storefront

For businesses such as nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, 24-hour convenience stores, and theaters, a LED backlighting is perfect for its late store hours. This lighted sign will help your business be more visible especially during the night.  Our custom LED signs come in a wide array of different styles, colors, and animation options, giving us the ability to create a sign perfectly fitting to your individual business promotional needs!

LED for Indoors

LED signs are not only perfect for outdoor use, but also for indoor signage as well. It has many uses indoors for any type of business. It is an effective signage if you want to highlight a certain area within your shop, like the checkout counters, order stations, or when you want to promote a product or a sale. These lighted signs can be customized any way you want, made to meet all your advertising needs.

We also offer backlighting services for lobby signs, making them an attractive way to promote your brand indoors. It is also a great way to emphasize important business information, so customers not only have something engaging and interesting to look at while waiting in your lobby, they are also attracted to the information they need most.

Programmable LED Message Centers

For a unique look, we provide stand-alone programmable LED Message Center Signs, or can incorporate them into your storefront, monument, or pole signs. Its strength is in its versatility. The options to customize your message, font, and graphic design are endless and it can be quickly changed any time via the included with a command center. This also provides you the ability to select animation styles, colors, and more.

Full-Service Sign Company in Naperville & Chicago, IL

We want to be your sign-shop partner and provide all your signage needs in Naperville, Aurora, and Chicago. We are committed to giving you the highest-quality signs that will help promote your business effectively. We assist you in all aspects of signage production, from start to finish, even handle all repairs needed in the future. We have all the types of signage your business may need, from storefront signs, lobby signs, ADA signage, indoor/outdoor banners, trade show displays, and more.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Create a unique, impactful, and welcoming experience for your customers and guests with our illuminating lighted and LED signs! There is no better way to attract more clients, easily update your messaging at any open or simply impress visitors with your high-tech display. Captivating Signs is your partner for all of your lighted sign needs.

Call Captivating Signs today at  630-470-6161 for aFree Consultation with an LED Sign Specialist!