Environmental Graphics

Everything You Need to Know About Environmental Graphics

Have you ever stepped into a lobby or a busy street with no signs at all? You can’t even imagine that happening because it’s such an integral part of most modern environments.

This brings us to the question: what is it all about?

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What Are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics provide visual cues in our immediate surroundings to give them a sense of purpose and contribute to an overall visual theme for a business. It can combine interior and exterior designs, landscaping, colors, patterns, themes, images, materials, and texts to give meaning to our surroundings. Often you’ll see them used within an office space.

The use of environmental signs answers questions like:

Different Types of Environmental Graphics and Their Roles

Because they make up a larger, complex sign project, there are different ways these signs can be used:

Wayfinding systems

These are visual and textual cues that help people to find their way around. They reveal how visitors can get to another location from where they are. These systems are typically found in hospitals, modern office interior design, parking garages, and more.


These designs provide information to spectators with the aid of lighting, audio, video, graphics, corporate office branding, and architecture.

Public installation

These are designs installed for public viewing and to show the distinctness of a particular location. You cannot think of Naperville without remembering the Moser Tower & Millennium Carillon or Chicago without Cloud Gate coming to mind.

Placemaking and Identity

These designs showcase your current location. Common examples of this are modern office design, lobby signs, window decals, modern office signs, wall designs, and many more.

The Cost of Environmental Signs

You can also contact an environmental design agency to quote your specified design.

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