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It’s essential to keep your conference rooms looking modern and professional during a meeting with clients. This styling helps to demonstrate that your business is serious about making a deal. A complete conference room signage design will thus help your company to accomplish its goals.
Captivating Signs is more than just a sign company. We are your go-to source for custom conference room signs that go above and beyond the ordinary.

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What Are Conference Room Signs?

Conference rooms are essential for any business in Chicago. These are private rooms where team members can share information and ideas about how to improve business processes, create new products, and discuss other important company issues.
Of course, employees are familiar with where to find conference rooms, but your clients and visitors are not. In order to help them find their way, installing conference room signs is the best solution.
Designing modern yet comfortable conference rooms benefits not only clients and guests, but also the employees who work in the space on a daily basis. We create different types of conference room signs suitable for any conference room, including:

Uses of Architectural SignsThe Uses and Types of Conference Room Signs

These office signs are not just for decoration; they help businesses showcase their brands’ identity and core values. They also help with closing deals and making your clients feel comfortable during their stay. The following are a few different types of conference room signs:

Room identifiers

These signs help clients and visitors avoid confusion about which room they should enter for a meeting.

Availability signs

Slider signs are helpful tools to indicate a room’s availability and limit possible meeting disruptions.


These signs help in creating a cohesive overall office look that projects a positive and professional presence for the business’s brand.

Organizing your office

Signs like digital signage for meeting rooms are very useful in keeping meeting schedules organized. These are digitally projected on screens that are easily seen, and can also be updated effortlessly.

For All Your Chicago’s Business Signage Needs

Captivating Signs provides superior signage solutions to all Chicago businesses. We are proud to design, manufacture, and install high-quality conference room signs. Our team of experts will do everything they can to help a business raise their brand awareness and reach their sales goals. Call us at 630-403-8941 for a free consultation or contact us online and let us work together to create unique signs and graphics.


Conference room signs not only boost output but also prevent scheduling conflicts and double bookings. You can also avoid making the error—which is the last thing you want to find out during a hectic workday—by upgrading the meeting room signs outside to digital versions

There are a variety of signs to choose from, here at Captivating Signs we produce executive conference room signs, digital conference room signs, acrylic conference room signs, and more. Contact us today to learn more about this sign.

These signs are often made with acrylic making them customizable based on your branding preference and very durable. Other materials that we may use are metal, vinyl, textured wood, and foam core. Contact us today and speak with our team of experts to help you decide the best material for your sign.

These office decorations help companies in showcasing their core beliefs and brand identities. They assist in closing sales and providing comfortable accommodations for your guests.

The type, size, design, and materials that go into your conference room signs will affect the cost. A sign with a straightforward design costs less than one that is complex. To learn more about our pricing plans, please contact us today.

There are many factors to consider if you want your sign to last for a long time. The materials used, the setting and the object’s placements are all factors to be taken into account. Different repairs and maintenance are needed for each sign. Speak with our team of experts to learn how long these symptoms last. Call us right away.

The availability of meeting spaces and workstations, interactive office maps, information about upcoming events, and employee directories are just a few examples of useful information that has historically been shared by conference room digital signage tools in offices. To learn more about this signage, contact us today.

Digital signage for meeting rooms is useful for enhancing communication about room availability and usage. They accomplish a lot more than just facilitating workplace communication. They can be very helpful in relieving time-consuming tasks from work teams.

Captivating Signs is committed to producing high-quality signs, and we only use high-quality tools and materials in the production of your signs. Due to the complexity of some designs, we’re unable to provide an exact turnaround time for the sign production process. Contact us today to learn more about our printing services and specific time frames.

Captivating Signs offers high-quality signage solutions to all Naperville businesses. We take great pride in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality conference room signs. Our team of experts will do everything possible to assist a company in increasing brand awareness and meeting sales targets. Contact us today for a free consultation.