Magnetic Signs

With the rising popularity of custom vinyl vehicle wraps, many business owners and operators have adopted the mobile advertising strategy of turning their fleet vehicles into moving billboards.

This tactic has some major upsides, from exposing businesses to untapped markets to boosting the professional image of a company’s vehicles. It seems every other business in Chicago or Naperville is trying to make the most out of vehicle graphics.

Unfortunately, it’s not all upside when it comes to this strategy. Unlike stationary signs, vehicle graphics experience a lot more wear and tear and are at a higher risk of being damaged due to all the road time. They cannot transfer easily from vehicle to vehicle, making them a relatively permanent fixture in the interim. Thankfully, innovative sign experts never stop improving the advertising process and have created the perfect solution to this problem: Magnetic car signs.

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What is a Magnetic Sign?

Magnetic car signs and other types of promotional magnets are essentially custom vinyl signs adhered to a thin but powerful magnet. Using this sign, you can now transform any metallic surface into a piece of promotional material—including cars, trucks, vans, trailers, walls, and even fridges.

While they are limited to metal surfaces, magnetic signs still have lots of utility for your business, regardless of the industry. Even if you are only driving your car from your Naperville home to your brick-and-mortar business in Chicago, every stage of that trip can be leveraged as a promotional moment thanks to this versatile signage. Given the high population and large volume of traffic, magnetic signs in Chicago are a great promotional option.

Uses of Magnetic Signs

Highly applicable, these signs combine the enhanced capabilities of sign printing with the versatility of magnetism. For instance, many service providers use car advertising magnets to promote their business without the costly investment of an entire vehicle wrap. Commercial environments can also use magnetic signs in a directional or safety capacity. Any place where there is a metal surface that faces the public can use these signs to improve business outcomes.

Types of Magnetic Signs

Because they are most often used to enhance the promotional capabilities of vehicles, magnetic signs come in a variety of options to fit pretty much any type of motorized vehicle. Some of the most common types of magnetic signs used in the sign industry are:

If your needs don’t fall neatly into one of those categories, don’t worry — the experts at Captivating Signs can create you a custom solution to fit the exact needs of your magnetic vehicle signs in Chicago.

Maintaining Magnetic Signs

A crucial part of maintaining these signs is ensuring proper use and placement. Flat surfaces are always the recommended place to position magnet signs, but they can handle the slight curve of a car door or hood. Unless you want to increase the cost of magnet signs for your business, proper maintenance is key.

If you’ve had enough of entering “magnetic signs near me” or “magnetic car signs near me” into Google or trying to find a qualified business to create your vehicle magnets, reach out to Captivating Signs today. We’re dedicated to helping business owners in Naperville and Chicago to realize their promotional dreams!

Call Captivating Signs today at  630-470-6161 for a Free Consultation with a Magnetic Signs Specialist!