Directional Signs

How easily can your customer interact with your brand? Sometimes, without directional signs, customers feel that interacting with your brand is too inconvenient. They can’t find your location or your office. Or, they can’t find the amenities they need, from the washroom to the pool house. Wayfinding signage is a smart way to make it easier for your customers to choose you, and to make them more comfortable on your property. We may these signs for granted, but they make a big difference for customers.

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The Benefits of Custom Direction Arrow Signs

Why make the investment in clearer, better signs to help people navigate your space?

Customer impression

You want your customer to know that you care about their experience with your company. Their convenience and easy access to your building is a big part of that.


Small and starting companies can make a big impression with clear signage.

Saves time

Your staff may not mind constant interruptions for directions, but it does cut their productivity. Clearer signs will help with that.

Custom Directional Signs

Every property is different. And, every brand is different. The best outdoor wayfinding signs take into the specifics of how your property is laid out and how your brand needs to feel. Custom signs from Captivating Signs will capture both so that when your customer looks at your signs, they learn where they need to go and get a message about your brand.

What are your customization options? You might consider signs with symbols. Custom directional arrow signs are a great way to send our customers or guests in the right direction. Also, consider that your custom sign can be made of various materials. We offer metal directional signs, interior directional signs, exterior directional signage and many other options, such as wood and plastic.

Event Directional Signs

Whether your company holds occasional events or events are all you do, you need signs specific to your events to help people navigate. If you need temporary signs for an event, you need them to be well-designed, without error and delivered quickly. Captivating Signs can help you get the exact signs you need for your event, even on short notice.

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After all, a good sign speaks volumes about your brand! Captivating Signs in Naperville, Illinois, is a signage company that has a proven track record of excellence when it comes to crafting the right wayfinding signs for your business. Our professional sign maker will ensure that you get an attractive yet professional-looking wayfinding system and that it functions effectively and is ADA compliant.


Directional signage leads customers and employees in a specific direction. This type of signage may serve as wayfinding, indicating the location of services or attractions in an area. In some cases, directional signs may also be used to provide information to pedestrians or motorists through visual cues such as arrows and text instructions where nonexistent or poorly functioning signposts are present.

A wayfinding sign points to an area of interest within a building, across the street from a building, or along a route. Wayfinding signs help customers find their way without using detailed maps or long explanations.

Wayfinding signs are essential in informing, directing, and guiding people unfamiliar with the surroundings. Important information should be displayed in strategic areas throughout your facility to direct people effectively.

Wayfinding includes floor plans, directional signs, street signs, and building directories. However, you may find some complex examples of wayfinding signs such as path-drawing and printable step-by-step directions simplified through digital kiosks and signage. You will likely meet these wayfinding signages on public roads, cruise ships, universities, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, and resorts.

A wayfinding sign is a subset of signage that uses spatial messages and signs to create a better way to get around by mapping points to places. Wayfinding is a process that helps people find their way in a particular direction.

Follow these tips to create an effective wayfinding system;

i) Create a unique identity at each location

ii) Use the landmarks to give orientation cues and memorable sites

iii) Create excellently structured paths

iv) Create regions of varying visual character

v) Do not give the user too many options in the navigation

vi) Utilize the survey views

vii) Offer the signs at decision points to assist the wayfinding decisions

viii) Use the sight lines to show what is in front

Businesses that experience high volumes of foot traffic benefit immensely from wayfinding signage. Your signage needs to answer the questions ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Where am I going?’ to benefit those who have lost their way. In addition, wayfinding signage can help visually impaired and disabled people get around so they can have greater freedom of choice.

The types of signs used in wayfinding include door signs, wall graphics, window decals, A-frame signs, hanging signs, and more!

We understand that when you have your wayfinding signage manufactured, you want to ensure that it serves its purpose well. You need the right information to be conveyed, the graphics and font styles to represent your brand, the right material, and an attractive appearance. Well-designed wayfinding signage can easily guide your patrons and customers through your buildings and premises.

Yes, all wayfinding signs should be built to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Creating a safe and accessible environment for all people in your organization is important. Some exceptions are made for temporary signage. Be sure to work with an experienced sign company like Captivating Signs to ensure you are always following the ADA guidelines.

There is no standard cost for wayfinding signs. The price for your signs would differ depending on the type and quantity of cut-out signs you choose. Contact us for a free quote.