Wall Wraps

If you want to set your business apart, branding is everything. Your brand presence goes beyond advertising and marketing. If you have an office, retail, or other commercial space, it’s important to tie your signage to your brand colors and messaging. With commercial wall wraps you can turn a blank wall into a billboard and encourage customer loyalty.

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What Is a Wall Wrap?

You may know them by their other name, wall murals. Vinyl wall wraps for office and commercial spaces transform your environment. Give a plain room a professional or fun ambiance with the right graphics in your entryway, restaurant, medical facility, retail location, or office space.

Custom wall wraps have many uses, and they also help your clients and customers imprint your business in their minds the next time they need your products and services.

What Are the Major Uses for Wall Wraps?

Interior wall wraps serve a number of marketing, advertising, and decorative purposes, such as:

Transform Your Interior

Wall graphics transform the look of your conference room, office, school, exhibition, reception area, building, or retail space. To inspire employees, impress clients, and upgrade your commercial space, partner with our team for murals and graphics that best represent your brand aesthetic.

Set the Tone for Shoppers to Buy

Large, creative graphics inspire conversation and trust. Your shoppers may stay in a section with fun wall graphics longer. That gives them more time to connect with your products and make a purchasing decision. For example, persuasive wall graphics should include images of relatable people enjoying your products. Our designers can help you choose images and colors that best meet your business needs.

Provide Important Information

Many organizations use wall wraps in churches, businesses, non-profits, schools, and many similar institutions to encourage positive behavior and increase student, patient, customer, or client morale. Let our experts guide you in the ways wall graphics can convey information for sports, services and so much more!

Types of Wall Wraps

You are no longer limited to wallpaper and paint when it comes to sprucing up the walls in your organization or business. Need some creative inspiration to bring your vision to life? Custom vinyl wall wraps exude positivity and illustrate complex concepts clearly and concisely.

Here are just some places you can put custom wall wraps to work for you!

What’s the Cost of Wall Wraps?

The cost of wall graphics and wraps depends on the required size, materials, colors, and other factors. Your signage advisor will help you put together specifications that help us provide an accurate estimate.

Where Can I Find Wall Wraps Near Me?

Captivating Signs designs and installs corporate wall wraps throughout the Chicago and Naperville, IL, areas. Contact us today for more information on how custom wall wraps can energize your space and help you connect with employees, students, clients, and customers.