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Whenever we see a wall, we see an opportunity to hang a sign and get your message out there. You can catch your customer’s attention, communicate a safety issue, or just brand your lobby as yours, with wall signs. Depending on the wall and your message, you may need a sign made of different materials, or in a different size. Explore your options with us.

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Types of Wall Signs

To get you thinking about your wall sign options, consider these intriguing types:

Vinyl wall graphics

Vinyl is a thin, durable material that you can use to add a sign to any wall, door, or window. Commercial wall graphics can serve a huge range of purposes.

Outdoor wallpaper signage

Vinyl can also be used outside, to adorn the front wall on your building. Don’t worry about the rain and get a bold look.

Metal wall signs

Metals, plastics, and wood are also options for wall signs. They offer texture, dimension, and they can even be lit.

Decorative wall signs

Sometimes, all you need is a wall sign that makes your space feel more beautiful. In that case, you can use any material, and just focus on the look. Our designers can help you achieve the beauty you’re looking for.

What Can You Do with Wall Signs?

What purpose can these signs serve for you and your business?

Here are some ways that you can benefit from them:


Place a lobby sign on your wall and brand your space.

Promote sales

These signs can draw attention to your sale events or sale items.

Present your menu

Every restaurant needs a wall sign to demonstrate its menu.

Create atmosphere

Wall signs can add tranquility, professionalism, or class to space.

Bring in customers

Outdoor signs can help entice customers to stop in.


Signs smartly positioned on the wall can also help customers find their way.

There are many other ways to use these versatile signs. Let us know what your business goals are, and we can brainstorm with you about how you can best achieve that goal with your sign or sign system.

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What sign will best benefit you? When you’re not sure, you want to work with a company that does it all. And we do it all, from wall graphics to lit office wall signs. Contact us at Captivating Signs to discuss your options with our dedicated, talented designers.

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