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Vinyl signs and graphics are a versatile way to promote your brand, allowing you to customize almost any surface with attractive images!

One of the most powerful items in a signmaker’s toolbox, vinyl is used as a component of many different sign products, such as window graphics, lettering for banners, floor graphics, custom signs, even car wraps, are all made from different weights, textures, and types of vinyl. Our vinyl sign specialist will work with you during your Free Consultation to determine what vinyl product is best for your intended use and application, providing you the guidance and support you need to make the right decision about your business signage.

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A Versatile Medium

Vinyl is extremely versatile, allowing us to create many different sign types, as well as adding graphic elements to just about any surface.

Vinyl Graphics are ideal for:

Let Captivating Signs assist you with creating the perfect vinyl signs, graphics, decals, clings, and wraps for all of your business marketing and promotional needs!

Vinyl Graphics Options

There are so many ways that you can use vinyl because there are so many different types of vinyl.

We offer a complete selection of vinyl products, allowing us to quickly and easily produce the right, high-quality, durable vinyl signs for businesses and event promotion, wayfinding and customer service, or any other use.

We not only have the right tools for your business signage, but we also have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right products for your needs. At Captivating Signs, we strive to provide you with the right sign, on-time, and within budget.

Professional Vinyl Signage

There are many applications for vinyl within your business location and facilities. From lobby signs, directional floor graphics, to informative door clings, we make sure your customers and guests are easily able to find the information that they need, right where they expect to find it. While you can create any type of signage you would like for your business, there are standards and even some regulations about what signage should be displayed, and in what location. For example, you have the option to place your hours of operation anywhere on your storefront. However, standards and common practice define that it should be placed on your door, near the handle, close to standard eyeline so that customers won’t miss it. Some signage, such as ADA signage, has specific legal requirements regarding placement, height, and type of sign that can be used. We assist not only with the creation of your vinyl signs but also can provide you with placement suggestions to make sure you are providing the best customer experience possible while remaining legally compliant.

Window Display Graphics

Vinyl Graphics for windows serve two different functions: to attract and inform visitors and guests, or to provide privacy for those within. Your desired purpose for installing the window graphics will determine the type of material we use.

If you are looking for individual window graphic elements, such as vinyl lettering or single images, these will most often be produced from an adhesive or cling style vinyl that will adhere to either the inside or outside of your window, based on your needs. These are often used to add visual impact to window displays, provide information on sales or promotions, or otherwise attract customers to your storefront.

Captivating Signs also offers a full selection of privacy film, either perforated with a full graphic print, or in a frosted or etched glass effect. Privacy window film is often used for doctor and dentist offices, law offices, real estate offices, therapists, or any kind of business where you enjoy the sunlight through your windows, but wish to protect the privacy and identity of your clients within. It is common for businesses to personalize their privacy film with the addition of their logo or other brand elements for a polished, professional look.

Durable Floor Graphics

It is common to see vinyl graphics on doors, windows, and banners, but what about floors? Captivating Signs provides a full selection of heavy-weight, durable vinyl suitable for use on just about any flat surface, including floors! Floor graphics can be used for directional assistance and wayfinding within your facility, or can create a striking floor display for your lobby, leading to a complete, attractive first impression for clients and guests. Our versatile vinyl floor graphics can be applied to the carpet, tile, concrete, blacktop, or most other types of flooring. If you are considering adding vinyl floor graphics to your business, but aren’t sure if it will work for your location, just ask, our vinyl experts will be happy to provide you with advice, product suggestions, and a quote for your project.

Attractive Wall Murals

Vinyl wall murals turn hallways and blank walls into interactive displays, stunning works of art, business timelines, forests, or anything else you desire. These large-format vinyl graphics are easy to install, remove, and replace, providing you with the option for a permanent display, or one that changes seasonally or with your company. We can assist with customization of your existing graphics, can create an entire concept and design for you from scratch, or can print your pre-designed image directly onto our film for installation. These high-visibility, high-impact displays are sure to impress in any walkway, lobby, or even on the exterior of your building.

Full-Service Vinyl Graphic Solution in Naperville & Chicago, IL

We are here for you throughout your entire project, from consultation through completion. We not only provide complete graphic design services and material consultations, we have a state-of-the-art production facility on-site, allowing us to quickly produce exactly what elements you need for a stunning visual display. Once production is completed, our trained installation team can apply your graphics for you, or, depending on the complexity of your design, can provide you with complete instructions for self-application.

As a complete vinyl sign company, we are dedicated to becoming your single supplier for all your sign and graphic needs, and can even assist with replacement or repair of damaged vinyl to keep your business looking fresh, clean, and professional.

Free Vinyl Signs Consultation

We are here for you through every step of your vinyl sign project and can assist with other components of business branding such as storefront signs, lobby signs, ADA Signs, vehicle wraps, and more.

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