Generally speaking, for outdoor signs, if you are installing a new sign, you need a permit from the city or the county(if located in unincorporated area). If you are an existing business and refacing the sign, you may not need a permit, but each city has different regulations. Next time you need a sign, give us a call and we can help you with all regulations for your signage.

In order for us to make sign, we have a meeting to review your requirements. Based on your signage requirements, we would provide you with a quote. If you chose to work with us, we discuss payment terms, and provide you design proofs. After you have approved the design, we manufacture your sign and later install/deliver the sign. Depending upon the sign and its complexity, this whole process could take a day to few weeks.

The first step to choosing the most effective custom sign for your business is to determine the exact purpose of the sign. For example:

  • Will you be advertising your business, using the sign as an informational sign or direct traffic flow?
  • Is the custom sign intended to be permanent or temporary?
  • Where will the sign or custom vinyl banner be displayed? Inside or outside?
  • Who do want to see your message?
  • How will the business sign be installed?
  • What is the viewing distance for the sign?
  • How many seconds will your audience have to view the sign?
  • By starting with these basic questions and reading the information pages contained within this site, you will be well on your way to matching the attributes and characteristics of all the sign types available to fit your individual needs.

When you put business name and information on your vehicle, that is called graphics. When you put a decorative design along with your business information on your vehicle, and your vehicle is either fully or partially covered with graphics, that is call vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap is a great way to promote your business. Give us a call and we can help you design an eye catching design that will attract business for you.

Yes, Captivating Signs is fully licensed and bonded. In addition, we provide full proof to cities wherever we perform work.

Whether you’re nearby or 3,000 miles away you will receive the same high level of personal service and attention to detail – in fact, this is the same concept that enables us to effectively produce and ship our products on a national basis.

We believe in serving our customers with dignity, providing high-quality signs, and, above all, providing superior customer service.