Blade Signs

Does your business rely on foot traffic to get more customers and sales in Chicago? Whether you are in Naperville or surrounding locations, foot traffic makes a difference in your daily profit. More traffic means more opportunities for your business.

Attracting foot traffic can be tricky. This is especially true if you’re located in a busy business district. Other establishments can grab the attention of people passing by. As such, you need signage that is sure to keep people’s eyes on you.

This is where blade signs can help your business.

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What is a Blade Sign?

These are signs that project from your building’s storefront. They are usually mounted facing the direction of incoming foot traffic. They are elevated at a height and hung from the side of the building.

Their height and placement make hanging blade signs hard to miss by anyone passing by. They can also be customized to display your business name and logo.

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Types of Blade Signs

The cost of blade signs is determined by the material and design you choose. These signs can be customized in different ways. This means there are plenty of options to choose from that will fit your business and budget needs.

The most popular types include:

These hanging signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. When placed outside, make sure to choose weather-resistant materials like aluminum, acrylic, and the like. This helps them last longer, especially in the harsh Chicago weather.

They are also great for homeowners to use as part of their interior design. In the Chicago Wall decals come in multiple sizes, ranging from small, simple designs to large murals that cover the whole wall. Designs can be customized to include specific pictures or meaningful quotes.

Uses for Blade Signs

Blade signs can serve a variety of functions for the benefit of your business. It is the signage investment that any Naperville business shouldn’t miss.

Indoors, these signs are excellent for wayfinding. Interior blade signs are elevated, which means they are visible even from a distance. They help customers find their way to key areas in your facility, like:

On the other hand, outdoor blade signs are the best at getting the attention of incoming foot traffic. These high, projecting signs display your business name or logo. They are in direct line of sight of anyone walking by. As such, it is easier to spot your business even in a crowded location.

These signs are also used to boost your brand. Since these are easily customized, you can design your sign to highlight your logo, business colors, and more. For this reason, blade signs for retail use are popular inside malls and business centers in Chicago.

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