Trailer Wraps

With a little planning and creativity, you can take a plain trailer and turn it into a mobile billboard as trailer wrap advertising in Chicago to bring in a lucrative income. The benefits far outweigh the cost of trailer wraps. If your business uses a trailer, you’ll need to design your wrap to fit your specific application and message needs. Opting for a company that knows the rules and regulations will save you time, money, and disappointment in the end. In this article, we give a basic outline of how to begin your journey into the world of custom trailer wraps.

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What is a Trailer Wrap?

A trailer wrap, unlike a regular vinyl graphic, completely covers the outside of your trailer. Just like any other vinyl graphic or decal, it is printed on a special material that allows you to easily apply it to your trailer’s surface in one clean step. It can be seamless or cut apart depending on how you need it. 

One thing that makes a trailer wrap different from other types of graphics of trailers is the fact that it actually protects your trailer’s surface. Business trailer wraps are typically printed on 3M 1080 material which is thicker than normal vinyl, and that’s why most wraps do not require an underlayment to help with the application. Since the wrap covers the entire trailer, it will protect against all kinds of elements, including water, sun, dirt, oils, and more.

The one thing that differentiates commercial trailer wraps from other types of trailer graphics is the fact that they actually protect your trailer’s surface. The thicker material used in the creation of the wraps can stand up to scratches, fading, or cracking better than regular vinyl material. You also don’t have to worry about water damage.

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Types of Trailer Wraps

There are several different types of wraps available on the market, with three main styles to choose from. The first type is a window film which has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s mostly used for smaller projects since they will need more than one piece of vinyl to cover the entire area.  Window films can be expensive, but you can’t beat the look or finish that they give.

The second type is a spray-on version that gives similar results, but it can be much more difficult to put on without bubbles, cracks, or creases in the material.

If you have a larger trailer, you should try trailer vinyl wraps which are much easier to install and help keep your investment protected and clean. You can find companies that print and apply vinyl wraps in any color, pattern, or design you want at prices that won’t break the bank, plus it will be easier to replace if damaged.

Uses of Trailer Wraps in Naperville and Surrounding Areas

Wraps for trailers are becoming more and more popular for both promotional reasons, as well as giving your trailer a new look.

You can now find “trailer wraps near me” in Chicago, Naperville, and the surrounding area for just about any type of company, business, or event you want – sporting goods, food items, beer companies, clothing lines, etc. And with the ease that they give you over trailer decals or stickers, they are quickly becoming preferred.

Vinyl trailer wraps are not just limited to trailers. Boat wraps, car wraps, and truck bed liners can be wrapped in any color or pattern desired at a fraction of the cost of having these items painted. Many companies also offer full-service signage with trailer banners, flags, magnetic signs, and even custom trailer lettering on the exterior.

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