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In graphic design, visual content is created to communicate messages to a specific audience. In an office, this visual content comes in a myriad of different forms and builds the client experience.

When it comes to branding your organization, you’re likely well aware of the importance of a user-friendly website that accurately depicts who you are and what you do, conveying your core values to your current and potential clients. Just as important as your online presence, however, is your brick-and-mortar presence. How does your target audience feel when they walk past your building? Are they curious? Do they identify with your brand? Do they want to come in?

How do your clients feel when they step inside? Do they feel welcome? Does the experience fulfill any expectations they have established from your online brand or word-of-mouth advertising? Does your office signage extend beyond your logo and fire exit signs to share inspirational messages that speak to who you are as an organization and connect you to your community and world? Do they know exactly where to go to find what they need?

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What are Office Design Graphics?

Office design graphics are the graphics used throughout the interior and exterior design of your commercial office or business. Common office signage includes wall graphics, door signs, reception signs, floor signs, directional office signs, ADA signs, and window graphics.

Office Wall Graphics

Office wall graphics are affixed directly to the wall and can be vinyl lettering (think inspirational quotes on a wall or business hours on an exterior glass door), acrylic signs, dimensional signs, or wall murals.

Wall murals are completely custom, created in coordination with your custom office design, and can include brand messaging, quotes, visuals, and more.

Door Signs

Office door signs are typically on or next to an office door and usually indicate what the room is used for, the name of the incumbent of the office, or the status of the room (in use, not in use).

Reception Signs

Reception signs, sometimes called office  lobby signs, contribute to the customer’s experience when they enter your business. In most cases, reception signs are large depictions of your logo and business name, but they can include more or less depending on the aesthetic of your office.

Directional Office Signs

Directional office signs label offices and conference rooms, identify departments, signify exits, and point guests in the right direction. A variety of different signs, including door signs, wall signs, and hanging signs, can be used for directional purposes.

ADA Signs

ADA signs include braille and raised characters, so those who are visually impaired are able to read them as well. Choosing ADA-compliant signs can help you ensure your patrons feel included.

Window Graphics

Finally, window film and window graphics are used to add art, branding, or messaging to your windows and glass doors. Full or partial coverage window graphics can also help block light or provide privacy.

Office Interior Design in Chicago

As business continues to return to normal, remaining competitive will be imperative. Taking a fresh look at your office space and leveraging office design signs to connect with those you serve can help you gain an edge over competing organizations.

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