Dimensional & Channel Letters

Popular options for businesses that want signage are dimensional letters and channel letters.

Channel letters come with the benefit of being versatile and flexible for various scenarios. Given a design choice or brand guideline, channel letters can be customized to match them. We can make custom channel signs, illuminated signs, or even ones with flat letters if you desire.

Affordable prices for business signs and fast service done with complete professionalism can be found through Captivating Signs.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are getting more requests than any others. The three-dimensional design of channel letters gives them an appeal that can’t be found in other sign types. Creating them involves cutting metal to create letters, images, and other elements. These elements are then securely aligned to a backing frame or mounted to a building directly. To finish the letters and give them complete customization, an acrylic top is used to cover the letters.

Using channel letter signs, logos, names, and slogans can be made in different colors and sizes. The option to hand form the signs is also available, creating the opportunity for custom icons and images.

Areas such as churches, schools, stores, malls, and office buildings are more likely to choose channel letter signs for their needs.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter signs have a trait in common with channel letter signs. Both are created by taking individual elements and combining them. The difference in dimensional letter signs and channel letter signs comes from what’s inside them. Dimensional letters are cut from solid pieces of material, leaving no room for anything to fit in them. Channel letters have room inside for illumination if they are wanted. The look of signs can be customized in many aspects, down to the thickness of the materials themselves.

High-quality dimensional letter signs can be created specifically for your brand needs by Captivating Signs.

Lobby and indoor signs are perfect candidates for dimensional letter signs. These signs can commonly be found in places like malls, retail stores, offices, restaurants, and even manufacturing areas.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

LED lighting in the channels of channel letters can make them shine and attract the attention of potential customers. The advantage of having signs with these kinds of lights is that in dark settings or areas with poor weather conditions, the signs are more visible for customers. From sign creation to the final moments of installation and post-installation, we can take care of it all.

Backlit channel letter signs can be a major factor in getting more customers to pay attention to your business in the late hours of the day.

While regular businesses can benefit from lighted signs, they’re not the only ones. Other places, such as gas stations and convenience stores, coffee shops, theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs can also use them to gain more customers. These places are likely to have a lot of traffic at night, especially when customers are done with work.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

It is our duty and pleasure to provide customers with the best service, team, and products for sign creation, all while doing it in a timely manner. Captivating Signs is the best option for any business that wants a company that will be able to create quality signs for them for a long time in Naperville and Chicago, IL. Whatever your business needs, we can work together to create it.

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Channel letters are bold signs that are perfect for boosting a business’s ability to capture people’s attention. By customizing them to spell out their business’s name or logo, these signs help businesses attract customers, day and night, and build strong brand recognition in their local community.

Crafting a logo with channel letters requires a customized design and production process with the help of a professional signage company. We will personalize each letter to accurately portray the letters or symbols in your business’s logo. You may also opt to add illumination within the signage to enhance its visibility.

Channel letters are fixed onto a surface, such as a wall or building’s facade, using screws or brackets.
The mounting method used is dependent on your preferred look for your sign solution. For example, if you want the channel letters to be right against the wall, a flush mount is required.

Channel letters are big, three-dimensional letters that are often seen on shop signs or buildings. They extend outwards against the surface, which adds depth to your signage. They can be added to other sign types, such as pylon signs or monument signs, increasing their visual appeal and visibility.

Channel letters are usually made from metal, such as aluminum, and acrylic. The aluminum ensures the body of the sign is strong, durable, and long-lasting, while the acrylic makes up the sign face, which lights up and draws attention even from afar or in the dark.

Reverse channel letters are a form of channel letters that illuminate behind the sign, creating an eye-catching glow around each letter. Not only does this form of lighting make each letter highly visible, especially at night, but it also creates a captivating aesthetic that boosts visual appeal.

Flush mount channel letters refer to how the signage is mounted onto the building facade or wall. This technique ensures that the letters are installed flat against the wall, creating a clean, modern look to the sign. This prevents business owners from choosing a backer or raceway that complements the aesthetic of the letters.

Led lights are installed inside each channel letter to make them shine brightly. Led lights are energy-efficient, ensuring they last a long time and helping your sign stay visible for a longer duration than traditional bulbs. With the help of experienced installers, the electrical work for this sign solution is completed seamlessly.

The cost of a channel sign depends on numerous factors, such as its size, the materials used, the level of customization, and where it’s being installed. The general range for customized channel letters varies from $4,000 to $6,000. For a more accurate estimate for your next signage project, contact our team.

Channel letters are fixed securely to the building or sign structure using one of the following techniques:
• Raceway mount: letters are affixed to a metal raceway, which is attached to the wall.
• Backer mount: letters are installed to a backer that is attached to the wall.
• Flush mount: letters are applied flush with the wall.