Vinyl Lettering

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile, cost-effective sign than vinyl lettering. These signs can alert customers to your sales, spread brand awareness, or make your storefront more appealing. You can put custom vinyl lettering to great use in your retail space, office, business, school, government building, or charity in Naperville or Chicago, IL. Communicating your unique message is simple. Let’s discuss the why and how of vinyl.

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The Advantages of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering offers many advantages that make it useful in different environments. The advantages include:


Get small lettering to label your office door, or huge vinyl lettering to make your message visible from across the street.


Unlike signs made of metal or plastic, vinyl lettering is inexpensive. Get more bang for your buck with this sign.

Print quality

We can print in full-color and great detail on vinyl sheets. Any message you can imagine, we can capture in the design with vivid images and clear, bold text.


You can adhere to these signs on many different surfaces. Try placing them on glass windows, office walls, shelving units, vehicles, and much more.


You can peel down vinyl without damage when you’re done with it and put it up another time. So, they’re perfect for flexible offices, seasonal promotions, or a business needing to shift their image.

Where Can You Use Vinyl Decals?

If you take a stroll through Chicago or Naperville, you’re sure to find only decals used in many different ways. Here are some options to get your message out there with vinyl:

Store windows and doors

How appealing is your storefront? You can use vinyl sheets to make them more colorful and enticing.


Not ready for a full wrap on a car, truck, or boat? Add a decal to your vehicle instead. You can promote your brand and attract customers for less.

Your lobby

 Are you welcoming customers with a lobby that sets the right tone for their experience? Use vinyl lettering in the lobby to welcome people and create a strong brand presence.

Office walls

Is your space a little bland? Create an environment of innovation, curiosity, and productivity with a wall mural made of vinyl.

Signs That Make a Difference

Work with Captivating Signs for your next vinyl project. We’ll help you get the right design for your needs so that your message stands out. Reach out to us for lettering in Naperville and Chicago, IL.

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