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Captivating Signs is your Naperville’s local one-stop-shop for high-quality wall murals and original graphics. Wall murals can help your business communicate its mission, its values, and its history, while also adding color and dynamism to otherwise boring hallway walls. They can also help you display your logo at the entrance to your office.

We design, create and install any type of wallpaper mural, from hand washing signs in bathrooms to inspirational messages in conference rooms. We have the knowledge and the skills to create powerful graphics, vinyl signs and wall stickers for your business so that you can use your walls to create awareness for your brand.

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Total Design Control

Captivating Signs creates custom wall murals to suit the needs and the branding of your business. We work only with the highest quality vinyl to create compelling and attractive wall graphics that speak volumes about the core values and the mission of your business. We can cover all your needs, from large-format landscape murals to smaller wall decals.

You don’t like your wall murals anymore? This is not a problem! Our wallpaper murals are removable. Moreover, they don’t leave any trace behind, so you can revert to the white walls you had before applying these murals. At the same time, you can fit these murals with a new design, in order to match the changes in your branding or the special promotions you wish to communicate.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company in Chicago, IL

You don’t have a design for your wall murals? We can help! Our graphic design specialists can develop a powerful graphic concept to suit your needs. As a matter of fact, we take care of all steps of the process, from idea to design and production, and further to the installation of the vinyl murals on your walls. We can also perform on-site evaluations, in order to make sure your murals are going to fit the assigned space.

Captivating Signs uses only high-quality materials, thus offering you the peace of mind that your 3D wall murals will be durable and long-lasting. In addition, these materials will have the perfect finish, whether you prefer high-gloss or matte looks.

Professional Vinyl Mural Installers

You can always install your vinyl murals by yourself. Nonetheless, if you want to secure a smooth finish and the best possible outcome, you should hire a professional vinyl installer to help you create the perfect look. Small graphics are usually easier to self-install, but larger sheets of vinyl can be rather challenging. It’s hard to avoid the formation of bubbles, rips, and creases that would make your artwork look unprofessional. When you hire Captivating Signs to install your vinyl artwork, you can rest assured you’re going to have a perfect result. Should anything happen, we will replace your vinyl at no additional costs. If you choose to install it yourself and you damage it in the process, we won’t be able to offer you the same warranty. This is why choosing a professional installation is a must when it comes to larger vinyl murals.

Free Wall Mural Consultation

Our most important mission at Captivating Signs is to provide you high-quality products and seamless support. We aim to become the sign company of choice for all your business signage needs. Our wide range of products and our top-notch services are the guarantee that your business will look professional and classy.

Call Captivating Signs today at  630-470-6161 for a Free Consultation with a Wall Mural Specialist!