Commercial Car Wraps

By using custom graphics and car wraps, you can significantly increase your marketing opportunities. Find out how at Captivating Signs!

It is common today for companies to deliver customers or to provide vehicles as a perk to corporate employees. Branding those cars with marketing messages by using a car wrap dramatically increases your opportunity to have your information and logo seen everywhere and anywhere your vehicle goes.

Whenever you or other employees use a vehicle to travel to and from work, the car wraps can be a great way to promote your business to many who might otherwise not see your brand message. You can have hundreds of people see your message without changing anything about your day’s activities.

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Brand Marketing Tools With High Visibility

Regardless of whether you utilize rural roads or you drive on the streets of the big city, you are usually just another vehicle that blends with all the rest, and you go unnoticed by others.

That can all change when you begin driving a car with a custom car wrap by Captivating Signs. Now when you drive your regular route you stand out and people take notice, and you will soon begin to see more calls coming to your company. In the beginning, most of your calling customers will be within the local community, however, as word spreads, you will start seeing people from various other areas needing your service!

Quality car craps give you a kind of visibility that you’re unlikely to get for your business without using marketing methods that are much more expensive. Because many of your potential customers are driving in the same areas as you, they will take notice of your car, and it will stand out in their mind allowing them to think of you when they need your product or services. Similar to someone who flashes a sign about a limited-time sale, your car can stand out in a similar way that gets noticed and remembered. This helps to reinforce the recognition of your brand and people will associate you and your business with the products and services that you provide by seeing your attractive car wrap.

100% Customized To Your Needs

Every company is different, and we understand that. We work with you to provide you with a car wrap that suits your unique brand and marketing message. We can help you make sure your car wrap reflects the right message for your company. Impactful and professional elements that can be easily seen even at a distance and that make your brand stand out from others.

Captivating Signs’s specialist design graphics, wraps, and magnets that work perfectly with the style and shape of your vehicle. Our designers will work with you to help find the perfect solution for your business.

From the design to the manufacturing to the installation of wraps, we can create them for all types of vehicles and with all levels of coverage needed, including:

Some companies may use different kinds of vehicles for their work. Captivating Signs makes wraps for all types of vehicles which can include RVs and ATVs and we can make the perfect wrap to help your company increase its market awareness. As your business grows and modifies we can change the car wraps marketing message to fit the growth and modification of your business regardless of what new direction it might go in.

Protect The Investment You Have In Your Vehicle

Captivating Signs uses a high-quality vinyl film when making wraps so that they look very professional while protecting the factory paint on your vehicle and it even helps to protect it from weathering and road wear. Our company understands that the business vehicle is often a substantial investment made for the long term and we want to play a part in helping you get the most from your vehicle by providing a branding tool that is highly impactful while protecting the lifespan and value of your vehicle.

Our team of professional installers will handle the process from beginning to end that includes the prep all the way to the finished product that helps ensure it is up to the quality you expect. We work with you on every aspect of your signage project, including design, manufacturing, and the installation of your professional, attractive, and long-lasting car wrap. The custom graphics we provide for your vehicle will significantly raise the visibility of your brand and business while protecting the outside of your vehicle.

Anytime that you need to replace any part of your wrap or you need it removed or even repaired, our staff is ready and able to find the best solution to getting your message back out there again.

Free Car Wrap Consultation

Captivating Signs can and will help you to increase the visibility of your brand while protecting your substantial vehicle investment and this will help get potential new customers calling. When you need the perfect graphics, attractive wraps, or other signage for your car, we are a dedicated team of long-term signage design and manufacturing, and we are here to help you reach all your marketing goals.

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