Coroplast Signs

In the world of promotional signage, corrugated plastic signs punch well above their weight class.

Business owners, political campaign managers, construction site supervisors, and all sorts of other organizational leaders across Illinois and the rest of the country apply these lightweight, versatile signs. From Chicago to Naperville, you can see these dynamic signs involved in a variety of different settings.

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What is a Coroplast Sign?

Coroplast is a propylene polymer material that combines multiple plastic sheets layered together in a pattern that looks and feels similar to cardboard. A shorthand for “Corrugated Plastic,” coroplast has taken over numerous industries, especially those in the fields of promotion, printing, and packaging.

When applied for signage, two coroplast sheets are stuck together, with a third creating a zig-zag pattern in the middle. This cardboard-like structure makes the coroplast sign highly durable and lightweight — perfect for commercial applications in places like Chicago and Naperville that experience inclement weather. Like most synthetic polymers, coroplast can take quite the beating and still fulfill its purpose.

Uses of Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are practical in countless commercial environments. Many businesses use them as temporary outdoor signs, placing them on boulevards, commercial lawns, and even residential areas. They typically last a year or two when placed in the elements, which is great considering the cost. Coroplast signs are often used indoors as well, for directional signage, informative billboards, and even for large menus in the service industry.

Trades workers who do most of their business outdoors can take advantage of these signs by placing them in front of their worksite or using them to warn the public about any potential safety hazards present. When the election cycle comes around, you often see coroplast signs cropping up across the city as potential candidates spread brand awareness en masse.

Types of Coroplast Signs

Used for informative, safety, and promotional purposes, this type of synthetic sign is usually classified by the type of environment it’s in, including:

Coroplast Sign Printing Shop in Chicago, IL

If you’re in Naperville or within the Greater Chicago Area, find an experienced sign printing business to provide you with high-quality coroplast signage. By partnering with a business like Captivating Signs, you receive years of expertise in the promotional signage industry and the right tools to make your corrugated plastic sign as impactful as possible.

If you’re tired of entering “coroplast signs near me” into Google or want to learn more about the cost of coroplast signs, reach out to Captivating Signs today. In addition to offering multiple different signage options — including everything from indoor and outdoor signs to custom vehicle wraps — the Captivating Signs team is also dedicated to providing top-tier promotional analysis to business owners across the Illinois areas of Naperville, Chicago, and Aurora.