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Exterior signs are the crowning glory of your brand. Everyone is attracted to a beautiful person, and it is the same thing for your outdoor signage. When you look and feel great, people are drawn to you. Beauty commands attention, and that is precisely what you want your exterior signage to do for you.

Outdoor signs are the first step in cultivating a professional image for your business. We create stunning visually-exciting storefront displays that get you noticed. Whether you are looking for a standard, channel letter storefront sign, or want a completely custom, over-the-top neon marquee sign, we have the skill, experience, and tools needed to create the perfect outdoor signage to promote your business or organization.

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Business Storefront Signs

Your storefront is the face that will welcome people and entice them to come into your place of business.  Captivating Signs can help you draw up a storefront that will have people want to come near and decide that they want to come in and do business with you. A dark, outdated, or improperly working sign maybe even worse than no sign at all, as it gives the impression that you are not attentive to your business, and most likely will not be attentive to your clientele either.

Want to truly impress your visitors with cohesive indoor and outdoor signage? We can create individual signs or complete sign packages for the ultimate in branding!

Standard & Lighted Storefront Signs

Captivating Signs can produce and install high-quality, attractive storefront signs made from durable metal channel letters or dimensional letters, with or without backlighting. Channel letter signs can spell out your business name and slogan, and can even include your logo. These signs are extremely versatile, and can easily be customized to compliment your existing signage and brand personality.

Our most popular option for many retail storefronts, channel letter signs are extremely versatile, affordable, and can be safely installed in most locations.

Neon Signs

Neon signs spell excitement and mystery for your business, especially at night. Use for restaurants, shops, nightclubs, theaters and any other place of business looking to attract nighttime customers. Neon signs have a retro feel and emit a welcoming glow, sure to catch the eye of any passerby. Neon signs are one of the most impactful signage elements we create. If you want the feel of a neon sign without the hassle and worry of costly repairs, we have many LED options that provide the look of neon at a reasonable price point and longer lifespan.

Canopy & Awning Signs

A canopy or awning sign is a durable, stretched canvas fabric with your logo and/or business name. The information you wish to display is printed directly onto your choice of canvas fabric in any color, font, size, and style that you desire. The canvas is then attached to the entrance of the business, creating an overhang that not only looks professional and attractive but also provides relief from the elements for your shoppers, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Wood Signs & Stone Signs

Wood signs and stone signs convey a natural, traditional vibe. These natural materials create a rustic atmosphere for your business. Custom wood or stone signs work best with businesses that want to convey an old-school, traditional atmosphere when times were simple and uncomplicated. Captivating Signs can make attractive, one-of-a-kind wood or stone signs to suit your particular needs.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Pole signs are a great option for any business looking to make an impact from a distance. These large, typically lit signs are installed onto towering poles, making your logo and brand visible from a good distance. These type of high-visibility, high-impact signs are typically used by businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, roadside stores, shopping centers, and parks, but can be beneficial to any business wanting to expand their customer base.

Post & Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are often used for wayfinding/directional signage or may be used as a logo sign at a business entrance. Their name accurately describes their construction, which consists of two poles with a connecting panel between them. Post and panel signs usually bear the company logo, contact information, slogan, and other product information, or may include a campus/facility directory to assist visitors with finding the proper location for their needs.

Monument Signs & Tenant Signs

Monument signs are usually stone or concrete signs standing near the entrance of a large business center. Monument signs are usually set up for universities, business parks, hospitals, industrial plants, or other multi-building or multi-unit complex entrances. Monument signs, as the name suggests, are large and sturdy, and easily attract attention. Monument signs overpower their surroundings, easily attracting visitors right to your front door.

Address Signs

An address sign assures customers and prospects they are at the right place, so make sure your address sign stands loud and proud and is easily spotted. These signs are large and visible, usually made of cut stone or channel lettering. Address signs are often illuminated so that you won’t be missed by your customers. Captivating Signs can prominently display your business address on your building’s facade, so both customers and shipments can find easily find the right place- your business!

Outdoor Signage Services

We have the ideal outdoor promotional sign for your company or event. Use our outdoor promotional signs to promote your business, school, church, real estate office, political campaign, and more! Whether you are looking for banners, flag signs, yard signs, vehicle wraps, or any other display for promoting your business, products, or services, we have the right solutions for you!

We create the right outdoor promotional signage for your business and brand and can create attractive, cohesive indoor signage to match. Take advantage of our Free Consultation and let’s discuss the best sign products for your business.

Full-Service Outdoor Sign Company in Naperville & Chicago, IL

Captivating Signs handles every component of your outdoor signs for businesses, from the initial consultation to production, installation, and maintenance/repairs. There are many considerations when determining the proper size, placement, and securing of exterior signs, especially permanent signage such as your storefront sign. Not only are there limitations based on the construction of your building and our ability to safely attach a specific type of sign, but there may also be legal limitations that can define the type of signage you can use in your specific location.

Exterior signage must meet certain legal restrictions as well as health/safety requirements in order to have a compliant, appealing storefront sign that represents you and your company. To have an exterior sign for business installed, you will need the necessary permits from your local government and the property owner, if not yourself. We assist with all components of exterior signage, including permitting and secure installation, to make sure your outdoor signage is properly manufactured, installed, and keeps attracting new clients to your business for years to come.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Let us design the right outdoor signs to promote your business in Naperville, Aurora, Chicago, and nearby areas. All exterior signs are made with the Captivating Signs attention to detail and are professionally installed according to best industry standards.

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Outdoor signs are used to communicate messages efficiently. Outdoor signs are normally erected in outdoor areas, mainly at the roadside or city walls. Bigger outdoor signs can be erected on elevated structures. They are purposely designed to catch the attention of commuters, pedestrians, or drivers on the roads and can be seen from a distance.

A sign’s weather resistance is determined by many factors, including the material it’s made from, the shape of its frame, and the graphic design. If it’s made from a weather-resistant material, the proper hardware keeps it stable in all conditions, and is installed sturdily, then it should be able to provide years of reliable service.

Signage is a key element in any business as it is often the first point of contact that customers have with your company. It is the first thing potential customers see as they go about their day. Signage is also the best way to convey the company’s language and values. It’s an opportunity to show customers how important service, cleanliness, and the quality of products are to your company.

We recommend aluminum or pvc for outdoor signs for their durability. Both materials can withstand weather conditions well and offer versatility. Outdoor signage made from these materials are visually appealing, long-lasting, and retain their quality over time. For more information on alternative materials, give our team a call today.

Captivating signs’ outdoor signage boosts a business’s visibility by effectively capturing attention, drawing in potential customers, and reinforcing its brand identity. These signs serve as powerful marketing tools, increasing foot traffic and sales for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

We prioritize durability when crafting outdoor signs, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and sun exposure. Through careful material selection and construction techniques, these signs maintain their integrity and effectiveness outdoors, providing businesses with reliable and long-lasting advertising solutions.

The cost of exterior business signs from captivating signs varies depending on size, material choice (e.g., aluminum, pvc), and design complexity. Additional customization options, such as lighting, also affect pricing. We strive to offer competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Captivating signs provides a diverse range of outdoor sign options tailored to meet different business needs. From traditional banners and modern led signs to eye-catching channel letters and storefront signs, our selection guarantees that business owners will find the perfect signage solution to effectively communicate their message and attract customers.

Based in Naperville, captivating signs specializes in manufacturing outdoor signs for businesses like yours. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer service, we serve the local community by creating impactful signage solutions that help businesses stand out and succeed in their marketing efforts. Give us a call if you’re ready to get started!

The best outdoor signage solution depends on the specific requirements and preferences of each business. We offer several options, including banners for temporary promotions, led signs for dynamic displays, and channel letters for a professional aesthetic. By understanding their goals and target audience, businesses can select the most suitable signage to achieve their desired results.