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Hotel Signs

Best Custom Hotel Signs That Stand Out

There are many uses for hotel signs. Their purpose is not just about promoting the company, but it is also a form of customer service. By giving them information that they need, such as room numbers and emergency exits, guests are more likely to have a positive experience at your hotel.

Types of Chicago Hotel Signs

  • Room identification signs: Guests want to know which rooms they are assigned to or which areas they can find specific amenities such as the gym and spa. To keep them happy and satisfied, make sure that your hotel room number signs are visible and well-made.
  • Directory and wayfinding signs: By providing a detailed map of your property as well as directional cues, customers can roam around and use specific amenities with ease. Having these signs also demonstrate that the company cares about the convenience of your customers, which can potentially lead to positive reviews and recommendations.
  • Reception signs: Lobby area signs greet guests the moment they step inside the hotel. Thus, if you want to make a positive and lasting impression, these hotel signs must be eye-catching and impactful. More than just your trademark, you can also showcase the hotel’s history through decals or even remind them of your house rules through tabletop signs.
  • Entrance and exit signs: Although their purpose is relatively straightforward, every hotel must invest in high-quality exit and entrance signs. They ensure that guests know which doors to pass through when going in and out of the establishment.
  • Emergency and safety signs: In case of fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies, your hotel must be equipped with the right signs to help guests and employees escape. These signs must be visible in the dark and installed in strategic areas. If you want to learn more, our Naperville team will gladly accommodate your queries and concerns regarding this matter.
  • Pylon signs: They are specially engineered to tower over other structures, giving your hotel a competitive advantage. If you want to take it up a notch, make sure to have them illuminated so you can reap the benefits of round-the-clock advertising.
  • Dimensional letter signs: These outdoor hotel signs are typically installed at the hotel’s frontage to introduce and reinforce your company to the public. You can choose different materials and thickness levels to match your branding requirements.
  • Hotel door signs: Whether it is ”do not disturb,” “please clean the room,” or other messages that guests want to convey, door signs are convenient tools that they can use whenever the need arises.
  • Hotel neon signs: They are perfect for hotels that have an old-school or retro brand image. Since LED hotel signs draw plenty of attention, your establishment will stand out from a sea of competitors in Chicago.

Top-Rated Hotel Signs Manufacturing Company in Chicago, IL

Captivating Signs designs and manufactures some of the best quality custom hotel signs in Naperville & Chicago. Thanks to our talented, hardworking, and meticulous team of signage specialists, you can expect nothing but impressive signage solutions that generate quantifiable results.

We will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that the outdoor and indoor hotel signs complement your branding strategy. In doing so, guests will have the impression that your business is consistent and well-organized. Whether you need simple hotel room signs or intricate vinyl murals for your lobby, you can count on our Chicago team to meet or even exceed your expectations.

To learn more about the cost of hotel signs in Chicago and Naperville, give us a call today.