Safety Signs

Whether it’s customers, employees, or other guests, are on your property, your first concern is their safety. All businesses have some safety concerns, like a wet floor. Other have temporary concerns, like construction zones. Still others have constant safety concerns, like electrical equipment. In any case, you need safety signs to post warnings about those hazards, so that you can fulfill your responsibility to your staff, customers, and the public. Here’s what you need to know about custom safety signs.

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When Do You Need Safety Signs?

There are many occasions when you might need warning signs. You may need compliance signs that show you’re in compliance with certain rules and regulations. This may include OSHA safety sign and custom ANSI signs.

You may need safety signs to post outside of construction areas, or temporary hazards. Or you may need signs for more permanent things, such as emergency exit doors or electrical equipment.

In the end, your needs for safety signs may be as unique as your business itself. The experts at Captivating Signs can help you identify your hazard sign needs and create custom site signs that you can use to meet your safety obligations.

What Should You Consider for Safety Signs?

The design of the hazard sign is just as important as having it. When you’re working with our designers to create your sign, what should you consider?


Your first consideration should always be the regulations you are bound by. OSHA and other government bodies may control the size, color, and other features of your sign.


A sign needs to be large enough that it can be read from far enough away that the viewer can avoid the safety hazard in time, or be alerted to it while they are still at a safe distance.


This is not the time for fancy fonts. Fonts on warning signs should be clear so that they can be understood.


Does your sign need braille, high contrast, or other elements of an accessible sign?


Signs that need to be posted outside should be weather-proof.

Work with Captivating Signs for Your Safety Needs

We offer many different kinds of safety signs in Naperville and Chicago, including permanent and temporary, indoor and outdoor. We’re also familiar with the safety regulations you need to meet and can guide your sign design so that you fulfill your obligations. Reach out to us today to get started.