University Signs

What are University Signs?

Different establishments need different sets of visual communication tools that support their marketing, customer service, and operational needs. The same goes for universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.

University signs demonstrate who you are and what makes you different from other schools. Other than that, most indoor and outdoor university signs are intended to help students, employees, and guests. They can also be used during specific events to boost the school spirit and make the establishment look more festive and exciting.

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Types of University Signs

Directories and wayfinding signs

Universities can have several departments, levels, buildings, and other subdivisions. To make everyone’s life easier, you must invest in directional signs so they won’t get lost and waste their time navigating school grounds.

Room identification

Don’t keep students and professors guessing where their next class is located. Proper labeling of rooms and important areas are needed to ensure that daily school activities run smoothly.

Emergency and safety signs

 Save your students and staff from fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies through school signs that help them make their way out safely. These signs must be easy to understand, visible even during low-light situations, and strategically installed in key areas.

Monument signs

Establish a sense of permanence, demonstrate your reputation, and claim the location with university monument signs. To make them more effective, be sure to install the right illumination types that complement the design of your signage..

Dimensional signs

From the lobby area to the building’s frontage, dimensional letter signs are commonly used to reinforce your trademark and label important areas.

Pole signs

From proudly display the university’s seal to congratulating this year’s graduates, pole signs are excellent signage investments for your campus. Since they are above eye level, they can be easily seen even from afar.

Parking signs

When students and employees know which spots they are allowed to park, they are less likely to feel dissatisfied with the school’s management.

University yard signs

Are you looking for the best kinds of graduation signs? For short-term announcements and greetings, we highly recommend that you invest in university lawn signs. They are inexpensive, a breeze to install, and are effective in communicating your message in a creative way.

School vinyl banners

Whatever event the school is celebrating, banners are easy and inexpensive solutions to get your message across. These vinyl college signs are also utilized for student campaigns, course infographics, photoshoot backdrops, and more.

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You might feel a bit overwhelmed with the various types and uses of university signs. The good news is that Captivating Signs is here to help you invest in the right assets that add value to your business.

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