Electronic Message Center

What is an Electronic Message Center?

An electronic message center, sometimes shortened to EMC, refers to a specific LED message sign that businesses can use across multiple industries. These signs are capable of displaying words, symbols, images, or figures. However, unlike traditional signage, these displays can be changed electronically via automated or remote systems.

They offer a wide array of features, including user-friendly programming, 3D graphics, and even animation. Any electronic message centers manufacturer in Chicago, such as Captivating Signs, will be able to offer customized versions of these features to ensure the signage matches the existing branding of each business.

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Types of Electronic Message Centers

There are several types of electronic message center signage, all of which can be used by businesses in Chicago use to impress their customers and clients. Some common types of outdoor electronic message boards include the following.

Other portable electronic message boards include lobby or office signs, wall graphics, and restaurant menus. Uses and Benefits of Electronic Message Centers The uses of electronic message centers expand far beyond simply making your commercial building look good. This type of signage adds a certain ‘wow factor’ to your business. It can leave a great first impression on your existing and potential customers, which can enhance your brand reputation. They add a unique and professional touch to your business. You can include your business name and logo and customize your led message center to include your specific brand colors. This reinforces your brand identity even further, keeping your business in people’s minds long after they have left your building. When you order a custom LED electronic message center, you will get the option to choose the specific details of the sign to make it fit your needs, preferences, and budget. You will have the option to adjust the following to ensure your new electronic signs integrate easily into your existing signage. Resolution and size

The cost of electronic message centers will vary depending on the above factors. For example, a large sign with multiple graphics will likely cost much more than a smaller, simpler design. If you want your business to stand out above the crowd of other Chicago companies, you can use electronic messaging signs to illuminate your building, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re in the retail or hospitality industries or manage a healthcare or education facility, your company can benefit from using digital message display boards to enhance your marketing strategy and get your name out there. If you’re a Naperville-based business looking for ways to attract more customers through impressive signage, electronic message signs are a great way to go. Contact the expert team at Captivating Signs today to discuss how we can customize your interior and exterior business signage for maximum marketing results.