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Signage is a company or brand’s way of marking their presence while selling their services to potential customers. It is therefore vital to make a great and lasting first impression that will bring your brand to life and ultimately lead to higher conversions. Captivating Signs is set and ready to take your marketing to a different level. We offer a wide selection of signage options and undoubtedly exemplary talent and expertise in custom-designed signage to our clients in Naperville and Chicago.

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Signage forMarketing Professionals in Chicago and Naperville

The use of signage as an advertisement and marketing tool offers professionals the ability to say much in a limited space while staying on track to capture the target audience’s attention. It has proven to be one of the most cost-effective techniques that promise short-term and long-term results. Our team at Captivating Signs understands that it is crucial to work with marketing professionals to understand their vision and branding goals, thus bringing them to reality through incredibly designed signage.

Corporate Marketing Signs

The corporate market demands a balance between professionalism and direct message delivery. This is similarly the case when it comes to corporate signage. Corporate signs can easily become bland or mediocre, and unprofessional. That’s where the Captivating Signs team can help.

There are various uses for corporate signs primarily categorized according to the placement area or mode of application.

Types of Corporate Signage

There are various uses for corporate signs primarily categorized according to the placement area or mode of application. Some common applications of corporate signs include:

Business signs

Essentially business signs speak volumes as they form an image that clients can use to identify a commercial venture. Business signs are often the first thing you will meet outdoor (at times indoors) and, more often than not, direct customers to the business’ location.

Office signs

Office signs are essentially used to keep office spaces organized while letting visitors know what goes on in the space. Often, they command a sense of formality in an organization and offer direction or guidance to guests. A good example is the use of engraved signs to mark doors. You can also use Office signs to add color and humor to an office setting or even educate people on services and other information.

Lobby signs

The lobby area is where everyone typically goes through while looking for services from a business. Lobby signs, also known as reception area signs, are excellent guidance tools to help visitors find their way around the facility or give helpful information, even like office signs.

Fleet branding

Branding business vehicles is a great way of communicating messages and reaching a wider audience as vehicles are more likely to be spotted in different places. Unlike other types of advertisements, vehicles are mobile and beat most conventional modes of advertising. It is therefore essential to ensure that the vehicle signs are consistent and display all the vital information such as the brand’s name, contact details, and a brief overview of services.

Custom-designed Advertising Signs in Chicago and Naperville.

At Captivating Signs, we create impactful signage for various businesses, cutting across different industries, including hospitality, property management, healthcare, supply, distribution, etc. We offer different types of signage for our different categories of customers and have a qualified team of experts to guide you through each.

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