Wall Decals

Wall Decals

A quick search for ‘wall decals near me’ or ‘wall graphic near me’ on Google will pull up hundreds of results. Decals for walls are hugely popular across Chicago and Naperville to place in their offices or windows.

What is Wall Decal?

There are different types of wall decals, all of which are designed to stick onto a wall, window, or tile. They are adhesive stickers that are printed out and placed onto the necessary surface. Decal refers to decorative stickers that are often used for outdoor areas but can also be great for indoor spaces. They are usually printed onto vinyl before being cut. They are available in multiple colors, either with a pattern or as a block color.

For business owners in Chicago or Naperville, the cost of wall decals is reasonable. They’re an affordable way to relay important information about the company to visitors or passers-by and last for several years.

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Uses and Benefits of Wall Decals and Vinyl

There are several uses of wall decals, encompassing personal, business, and commercial use. Most organizations use them for informational purposes, whereas homeowners use them for decorative reasons.

The options for different designs are limitless. Business owners can get custom wall decals in Chicago to include their branding and key information that they want potential customers to know. Businesses may have the option to upload their own branding and designs to keep them consistent with the rest of their marketing.

Office wall graphics enable businesses to showcase their services and goods to those within the building. Business wall graphics can be displayed to provide important company information to employees.

Wall decals and vinyl stickers are not limited to buildings. Many businesses choose to use them on company vehicles too. They can be used as part of their marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and visibility.

They are also great for homeowners to use as part of their interior design. Wall decals in Chicago come in multiple sizes, ranging from small, simple designs to large murals that cover the whole wall. Designs can be customized to include specific pictures or meaningful quotes.

For somebody who is renting, using a company that supplies wall decal printing in Chicago is a great way to break up a bare wall without making permanent changes. They offer the opportunity to do a bit of DIY around the house without leaving permanent damage on the walls.

Many wall graphic installers in Naperville offer the option for vinyl wall decals or vinyl wall graphics. These are letters and graphics that have been printed on vinyl. This high-quality material provides a great base for the stickers to adhere to the wall.

Sticking up wall decal is the perfect alternative to painting the walls, which can often be a messy job. They are easy to use and can be placed on nearly any surface in an office or home. They’re a simple and effective way to spruce up a neutral wall.

For businesses and organizations within the Naperville area of Chicago looking for high-quality wall decals and wall graphics, head over to the Captivating Signs website to enquire today.


Vinyl wall graphics are standard or custom-designed graphics that can include images, artwork, and lettering and are printed on special vinyl material to be installed on your wall to add an accent, highlight your wall, or add additional decoration to the room decor.

Wall graphicshave several features and benefits.

• Cost-effective when compared to a hand-painted wall mural
• Can be installed and removed easily without any wall damage
• Easy to clean
• Custom-designed for your usage
• Add depth to your room design
• Can be changed as often as you like

No. Decals are made of a vinyl material that adheres without any damage to paint or walls during installation, regular usage, and removal.

There are a few differences between wall decals and stickers.

• Wall decals are manufactured to be safe for walls during installation, regular usage, and removal.
• Stickers aren’t.
• Wall decals are made from high-quality vinyl.
• Most stickers are made from paper products.
• Wall decals are installed by professionals to look great on your wall.
• Stickers aren’t.
• Wall decals have a long lifetime.
• Stickers aren’t made for a long lifetime of use.

Wall stickers made professionally for walls are actually called wall decals. Wall decals act in a similar way to stickers, but can be applied and removed from you wall easily and without damage.

Wall decals are used to accent walls, display messages, and place designs on specific areas of a wall without painting.

Wall signs are helpful to businesses in a list of ways.

• Display name, logo, or slogan of a business
• Help people find an office
• Make visitors feel welcome
• Create an accent wall
• Inform or entertain visitors

Wall decals can last for months or years depending on wear and tear and how they’re used. For instance a chalkboard style wall decal that’s used for messages might have a shorter lifespan than a purely decorative wall decal.

Vinyl is the material while decals are a type of signage made from that material.

Wall decals are one signage option for businesses to use in their lobby area. They are cost-effective, installed and removed easily and without wall damage, and make a great way to highlight a product or event for office visitors.

Yes. Wall decals are designed to be easy to remove. It’s best to have a wall decal professional remove it to ensure there isn’t any residue or damage to your wall. To learn more, contact us.