Crafting Your Brand’s Identity with Custom Monument Signs

A brand’s identity has a substantial impact on a business’s success. Having the best products or services is no longer the key focus for consumers; having a brand that stands out, resonates with customers, and shares the same values is important. One way of showcasing your business’s brand in a visible, impactful way is through custom monument signs.
In this blog, we will dig deeper into how a brand’s identity can be embodied by and reflected through this type of signage, as well as why they are essential for your signage system.

What Are Monument Signs?

To begin, custom monument signs are freestanding structures that are installed at ground level besides roads, entrances, business parking lots, and high-traffic intersections. Their purposes are to identify where a business is located, garner attention for the business, guide customers to their front doors, and build brand recognition.
There are many types of monument signs for business, which are traditionally characterized by the material used to produce them or the additional qualities that are included, such as lighting or digitization. They are a highly customizable sign, which allows business owners to take full control of their design and production materials; this allows these signs to be a perfect representation of a business’s vision and brand guidelines, as well as be well-suited to achieve specific goals or combat obstacles.

Using Modern Monument Signs for Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is such a pertinent part of any marketing campaign or strategy. Having your brand be used consistently and cohesively within each marketing tool is essential for the overall success of its impact on your target audience.
The easiest way to craft your brand identity into a monument sign perfect outdoor sign, thus amplifying its effectiveness at building recognition, is to integrate brand elements into the design. From the colors and fonts to graphic designs to logos, these elements represent your business, making them the perfect additions to brand your signage.
For example, your modern monument signs should include your business name and logo, as well as any directions or information that is critical to pass along, such as your address or contact information. The font and logo should be consistent with other branded materials, so that during future interactions, people will begin to easily associate them with your business.
The goal is to achieve a point in time where people see your custom monument signs and know exactly what business the branding is associated with. As this type of business sign solution is installed in highly visible areas, the 5 to 7 interactions that are necessary to build brand recognition should happen quickly.

Finding Monument Signs “Near Me”

Captivating Signs is a full-service sign company that provides a wide array of signage services, top-notch customer service, and high-quality final products. We pride ourselves on being partners in success by using what we do best – stunning signs – to make our client’s businesses shine.
Whether you’re looking for stone, brick, digital, or stainless-steel monument signs, or any other type of sign, we are happy to provide you with it. Give us a call today to book your consultation and discuss your options.

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