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Acrylic Signs

There is nothing more important than a strong brand message in this age of information, where the pace of change is faster than ever before. If you have a business with a one-word or short-phrase message, a captivating sign is a perfect way to convey your message uniquely and strongly. With a clear image and a few words, a captivating sign can give a great look and feel to the clients and employees.

A unique and captivating sign can be made in a few ways. One of the most common is using acrylic signs that are highly durable and available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, giving you the option to look different from your competitors. Whether you want something that will last for more than 50 years or just for summer festivals, these business signs are a perfect choice. Not to mention, the cost of acrylic signs is economical.

Uses of Acrylic Signs in Naperville and Beyond

benchmark acrylic lobby sign Naperville, IL

  • Acrylic signage is often used for short-term promotion rather than long-term high traffic applications since it is more easily damaged due to the weight of the panel and its non-flexibility. However, with a few precautions, acrylic signs can last long. It is best that you do not let dirt collect at the back of the sign, as this will cause stains.
  • Acrylic signs in Chicago are a great choice for interior applications due to their lightweight and ability to be seen from all angles. With a variety of thickness levels, acrylic signage is made for both indoor and outdoor use. Their lightweight structure allows them to be placed against the glass without creating damage or breaking the glass.
  • Custom acrylic signs are ideal for decorative purposes in homes, offices (inside), and restaurants because they do not scratch easily. They can also be used with magnetic strips to hold important information at any location. Acrylic signs cannot stand up to extreme weather conditions without distortion of lettering or graphics.

Types of Acrylic Signs Near Me

Acrylic lightboxes are a unique way of displaying your company or business. They work as a marketing tool and save money on printing costs because they use bright LED lights to display the message instead of paper signage. These types of acrylic signs come with their own lighting units that attach to the backside of the sign.

Acrylic Lobby Signs

Clear acrylic signage is a unique and versatile product. It is made of layers of plastic with a bright polished surface on the front, backed by a white layer for support, making them almost invisible from the backside. Plexiglass signs are commonly used on retail store windows or showroom floors to attract attention to products or services.

Frosted acrylic signs are privacy screens for offices and homes. Acrylic office signs are signs that have a similar look and feel like glass but are actually plastic. Unlike the clear acrylic signs, which require a bright light behind them to be seen, frosted plastic signs need no lighting. The message is written on paper that has been glued to the backside of the plastic sheet and protected by a layer of UV-resistant laminate on top of it.

To learn more about acrylic sign printing in Chicago, Naperville, and surrounding areas, contact us today.

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