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ADA Signs

The importance of using accessible signage has been highlighted in recent years. Businesses are becoming more conscious of making their brand as inclusive as possible. If you’re a business owner in Chicago or Naperville, you may have been searching for ‘ADA signs near me’ to ensure all of your customers feel valued. Companies like Captivating Signs can provide your ADA signage solutions.

What is ADA Signage?

ADA braille signs are now required in businesses under the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are many uses of ADA signs, with the most common use being for those who are visually impaired or blind. The signage has raised characters so its contents can be easily read.

ADA compliant signs can be categorized into three broad categories
Whether or not a sign is required
Where the signage can be placed
Details of the sign including font, font size, spacing, and coloring

All companies must comply with at least one of the above guidelines when using signage to ensure inclusivity within and outside of Chicago.

Types of ADA Signs

ADA signage should be found throughout every commercial building. This includes lobbies, entrances, and exits, elevators, stairways, and there must also be ADA bathroom signs. This ensures every customer, client, and employee can easily navigate their way in and around the building, regardless of any visual impairments. You can get custom braille signs to indicate directions (such as the first floor, west building, etc.) and room types (such as office, conference room, laboratory, gym room, etc.). There is also signage available for more specific needs, such as A&E or ambulance signs at a hospital or changing room facilities in a gym.

Cost of ADA Signs

Signage costs vary depending on your specific requirements. As with any other interior or exterior signage for your business, your expenses come down to the size of the size, the type of sign, and any additional features such as 3D lettering or LED lighting that you might want to include. Always speak to the professionals to assess what signage is best for you and what your budget allows.

When Do Companies Need ADA Signs?

Every Naperville company must use ADA signage for signs that are permanent fixtures within the building. This includes signage that indicates direction or informs visitors of what a particular area is used for and the available facilities in this area. Signs used for advertising or marketing purposes do not necessarily have to comply with ADA laws. Still, many businesses choose to use braille signs for this type of signage nonetheless.

Providing the right ADA signage is not a want but a need. Any business in and around Chicago must comply with the ADA rules and regulations. For your ADA signage in Chicago, get in touch with the team at Captivating Signs. We can produce custom ADA signs for your business to help your visually impaired or blind visitors and employees find their way around your building.

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