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Commercial Building Signs

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The front of your business is the face it gives to the world and many potential customers passing by. What a great way to strike a vital connection from the first impression.

Custom Outdoor Signs & BannersAt Captivating Signs, we can help you craft a stunning and impressive message to your customers.

Bright and engaging building designs help you set your establishment apart from those around you. This is essential in making a connection with your target audience. This will attract more eyes, patrons and ultimately result in more profits for your organization.

No matter what your purpose is, we have the products and services to help you accomplish your task. If you are building brand recognition and need some attractive displays for your logo and brand, we got the stuff. If you are looking to tell the world about your exciting promotions and sales, we got that too. We can take your project from flitting ideas and possibilities to attractive designs and quality products to the final touches of installation.

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The Right Sign for Your Building

Different buildings and businesses have different needs in their signs. We are here to help you capture the personality of your business with a solution that provides the best message at a rate that suits you. Every factor will be taken into consideration by our skilled building sign specialist who will produce the best product that accomplishes your personal goals.

To make sure all the bases are covered, our teams of building sign specialists will travel to your location to consider the project from all angles. This includes taking precise measurements so that your final production fits the building perfectly. We can also help you with some good ideas for improving the results from your building sign. After your chosen design has been produced in top-quality vinyl materials, you can count on our talented and experienced installation professionals to apply the sign with professional attention to detail.

If you choose to change your sign in the future, the removal process can be done with no damage to the structures below. Our team also handles the care and maintenance of these specialized building signs.

Types of Building Signs

There are some types of signs that suit locations and purposes better than others, you can count on our experienced building sign specialist for some qualified advice on the best choices for you. Depending on the situation we may suggest a style that either complements the surrounding signage, achieving a harmonious and uniform appeal, or a contrasting design that allows you and your brand to stand apart from the crowd.
Every one of our signs is custom designed and tailor-made from scratch. This means that even if you are using signage exactly like those applied by the buildings around you, yours will still have a unique signature that allows you a considerable distinction.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Perhaps the most popular option we provide to our clients in Naperville and Chicago is the channel letter dimensional signs. These are very versatile signs and can be created in the fonts and colors that best suit the business. Individual letters and logos can also be designed in this way. The high level of customization and the durability of this type of sign has made it applicable to many businesses across many industries. Channel letters can also be illuminated with interior lighting making them more visible.

Lighted Signs


Lighted signs make your business and logos visible during the day and night and can be lit from the front or the back. This is an ideal option for those locations open late and those that want to make their location know to all even past nightfall. With phone numbers and other important information, this publicity is working for you 24/7.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs


Also called the blade, projecting or hanging sign, this type is protruding from the building as opposed to flat up against it. These can be made from a number of materials as the situation requires and illuminated in a number of innovative and attractive ways. Projecting signs are the best way to engage the passerby as they are right at their eye level as they are approaching the location.

Canopy & Awning Signs


Awning signs provide protection from the elements and a way of getting your business names and logos out there where all can see. The awnings also provide a sophisticated boutique feel and an attractive facade that can be stretched out in front of the business.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Captivating Signs is happy and eager to be a part of your business publicity and marketing programs in Naperville, IL. We know what the best option for each location is and hope to help you produce the most effective signs from making your message known.

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Building signage encompasses a wide range of signs that are placed on the exterior of commercial buildings. The types of signs include LED signs, lighted signs, projecting and hanging signs, channel letter signs, and much more.

Building signs are important for helping people find your business, both when driving and walking nearby. Some building signage also helps your building stand out from adjacent buildings when drivers pass by on a highway.

Building signs are also marketing tools for your business. For some, seeing your exterior sign may be the first exposure they’ve had to your company.

Additionally, lighted signs make it easier to find your business at night, and they also illuminate your style.

It’s important that your building sign can stand up to local weather patterns. If you are in a region that gets a lot of sun, then you should choose sign types that are protected against UV rays. As long as you keep this in mind, you can select any material that works in your climate. Materials include metal, vinyl, LED, fabric, stone, wood, and neon.

Depending on your budget, location, and space, you can have any material you want for a building sign. The only restrictions are weather and how much you want to pay. As long as your space allows, you can choose from neon, lighted, metal, fabric, stone, and wood signs.

The size of your sign depends on the space you have to place the sign, how far away you want the sign to be visible, materials, and budget. To determine the best size for your use, consult one of our sign professionals.

Designing and manufacturing a sign varies depending on complexity, materials, size, and availability of supplies. When you are ready to order your sign, Captivating Signs will give you a lead time.

The cost of an exterior building sign varies depending on size, materials, complexity, and difficulty to manufacture. To find out a price for your desired sign, contact us.

Before buying a sign, you should consider the purpose for the sign. With that in mind, determine what qualities you’re looking for, for example, a lighted sign that can be seen from far away. From this determination, decide on your budget for your new sign.

Sign durability varies depending on sign materials, type of usage, and exposure to weather. Captivating Signs can give you the average lifespan of the type of sign you’re interested in before you order.

Most modern signs are lit up using LED lights. LED lights aren’t dangerous like some older styles of lighting and they last a long time. However, you can still buy neon signs if you like the old style lighting.

To learn more about building signs, contact us.