10 Creative Lobby Signs That Will Match Any Business

Trying to brainstorm some lobby sign ideas? We’re never in short supply at Captivating Signs. Here are ten creative ideas for lobby signs for business that are still broad enough for you to apply your brand’s own message and style. After all, the whole point of a custom lobby sign is to greet your visitors with the feel and values of your brand.

  1. Live Edge Wood

Rustic or natural brands can use wood to make a big impact in the lobby. The edges don’t have to be beveled or finished. Live edge wood is an unusual, but effective, choice for our sign.

  1. Polished Bronze

How can you express a strong, high-end brand without investing in a gold lobby sign? Polished bronze has a very similar effect. It’s also considerably cheaper, making it a creative and cost-effective choice for an office lobby sign.

  1. Foam-Back

Modern, open lobbies have plenty of room. How do you make your sign stand out a bit more in a contemporary space? The answer may be a foam backing, which holds the sign out a few inches from the wall.

  1. Clear Acrylic

Glass isn’t a great option for a lobby sign – after all, what if someone knocks into it? Clear acrylic is the creative way to achieve a transparent look for some of your sign elements.

  1. Full-Color Acrylic

Who said the simplest option can’t be creative? With a full-color acrylic sign you can match your brand color exactly and have a custom lobby sign in almost any shape you imagine.

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the modern metal and its shine really stands out in lobby spaces. You can create any shape you like with it, too.

  1. Vinyl Lettering on Wood

You can mix materials to create a more unique lobby sign. Vinyl lettering on wood is a great option, combining the artsy feel of wood with bright, colorful vinyl.

  1. Frosted-Etched Acrylic

This look might remind you most of fog, or weddings! Frosted-etched acrylic is unique materials that will make your brand stand out.

  1. Copper

Quality construction has long been associated with copper. Builders aren’t the only business that may find the bright shine of copper helps relay the quality of their work.

  1. Wall Mural

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to lobby signs. Other sign types, like wall murals, can capture your business’ essence and communicate your message to your clients.

Need a lobby sign for your business? We have plenty of great ideas to help you get your brand in your customer’s mind. Reach out to us at Captivating Signs for office lobby signs.

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