3 Types Of Outdoor Lighted Business Signs That Grab Attention

When you’re driving down the street, you’ll see a lot of signs competing for your attention. Which outdoor lighted business signs are the most successful? If you’re looking for a sign for your business, you’ll want to know. At Captivating Signs, we have a lot of design techniques that we can use to make any sign type stand out. However, there are three specific outdoor lighted signs that we think you should consider making the maximum impact.

Channel letter signs

Channel letter signs are cutting edge. They consist of bold custom letters that are mounted to your storefront. If you walk down the street, you’ll see that most of the newer signs are channel letter signs, and they make a big impact. There are several ways to light channel letter signs, including internally and with back-lights or halo-lit. These options, plus a choice of color and font, make channel letter signs very versatile.

LED signs

If you focus on providing a different kind of atmosphere – whether it’s discreet, relaxed, mystical, or vintage – an LED sign may better express your business and better attract your customers. LED signs also shine brightly day and night, which makes them stand out and catch the attention of your target audience 24/7. Retail stores, hospitality businesses, and bars and eateries can all use LED signs to experience great results.

channel letters

Electronic message signs

Institutions such as churches and schools frequently use electronic message signs to convey a quick message to those who are driving by. There are many businesses that can use these electronic signs to send a message to potential customers. Restaurants can display specials, medical offices can promote hours and reminders (such as getting your flu shot), and government offices can reach out to their community with these message signs.

Outdoor lighted business signs from Captivating Signs

If you have questions about any of these outdoor lighted business signs, or if you aren’t sure which is right for your business, reach out to us at Captivating Signs. We’ll help you get the best sign to support your business’s success!

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