3 Ways Channel Letters Get Your Business Noticed

As a business owner with a brick-and-mortar storefront to promote, you’ll find a wide range of signage options at your disposal — which in some ways just makes your decision-making process harder. If you’ve had channel letters recommended to you as an outdoor signage option, you may wonder why this choice makes so much sense for your business’s visibility. Let’s examine three ways this type of lettering can make your business “pop” visually.

Why Do Channel Letters Catch the Eye and Attract Customers?

Of course, the whole purpose of installing any outdoor signage is to get potential customers’ attention. So what makes channel lettering so special in this regard?

1. 3D Signage Literally Stands Out

Storefront channel letters don’t just sit flat on a display board. Their three-dimensional shapes permit them to jut outward into space, calling attention to themselves in ways that 2D signage simply can’t. If you opt for a backing frame instead of mounting your channel directly to your building, you can create an even greater sense of depth and command even more public attention. The farther your letters extend, the deeper the shadows they can cast against the building, boosting the three-dimensional effect and making your storefront stand out even more dramatically.

2. Illuminated Letters Put Your Name Up in Lights

Up to this point, the letters we’ve described sound a lot like standard dimensional letters. However, unlike those solid letters, storefront channel letters feature a hollow construction, with the interior space containing LED lighting elements. These LED signs can make their presence known even in the glare of full daylight — and at night, they shine out like beacons instead of fading into the shadows as non-illuminated letters or signs do. You can make your bright outdoor signs shine even more brilliantly by adding backlighting to the entire assembly.

3. Customized Designs Bring Your Brand to Life

Unlike printed signage, channel letter signage can’t simply apply pre-existing fonts and styles. Instead, technicians must design and construct them from scratch, creating truly individual signage for every client. This customization can work beautifully in your brand’s favor, of course, because it means that you can order signage that matches your visual brand’s current font set, logo, and color palette perfectly. If you’re a new company trying to make a big initial splash, this lettering can impose your logo and brand in your target audience’s minds right from the beginning. If you’re an established company fighting to stay visible and relevant in a crowded industry, a channel letter display can refresh your presence and help you regain your target market’s attention.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of channel letter signage for your business, turn to the experts at Captivating Signs. We can discuss your needs and goals with you, create a unique design that promotes your brand, and install these eye-popping outdoor signs with the proper skill and attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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