3 Ways: How Glass Office Signs Can Refresh Your Interiors

New office signs can refresh your office interior and new glass office signs can do it even better. Glass is the quintessential modern material. In part, it is used so widely because it allows in light and looks sophisticated. For branding and marketing purposes, glass is used because it helps keep the viewer’s attention on your brand. No matter what kind of interior office sign you’re looking for, from backlit lobby signs to door signs, consider adding glass to refresh your space. Here are three ways glass can make your office better.

  1. Emphasize Your Brand

Glass is transparent, of course. When your sign is backed with glass, all the focus remains on the actual message of the sign. Your brand colors and text stand out more and don’t compete with a strong color directly next to them, which many non-glass signs will have. This is especially beneficial for custom lobby signs, which are all about making a brand impression.

You can also have frosted glass on a lobby sign or other office sign. These provide a neutral background that prevents a strong wall color from distorting the sign or clashing with your brand color. On, frosted effects can impart special qualities on the light.

  1. Feel Exclusive or Sophisticated

These days, modern, sophisticated buildings all include glass, and customers already understand the association between glass and high-end products and services. Choosing a glass sign can help you establish your brand as a successful leader in your industry, that offers more than average to your customers.

Even better, you don’t need to spend a fortune on glass office signs to cultivate this atmosphere. Transparent acrylic looks like glass and imparts the same qualities to a sign, but it is less expensive.

  1. New Décor Schemes

Chances are, you already have some glass in your office. Contemporary offices have glass walls. Others have glass windows on internal doors. You can use vinyl window graphics to make the most of this glass and add new color, textures, and graphics to the office. Using vinyl graphics, you can completely refresh the look of your office without opening a can of paint.

Design Your Glass Signs With Captivating Signs

Captivating Signs can transform your office space with custom lobby signs, door signs, and other glass office signs. Reach out to us today to start a sign consultation about your new glass sign.

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