5 Creative Lobby Signs That Will Match Your Business

Your office lobby signs welcome guests and clients the moment they step foot inside the Naperville establishment. While your outdoor signs and other advertising methods might have brought them in, reception signs reassure them that they made the right decision to choose your company.

With the many customization options for lobby signs, you can effectively communicate a consistent and unique brand personality that will put your business on a pedestal compared to your competitors.

Types of Custom Lobby Signs

  • Acrylic signs: If you are looking for something that looks contemporary and creative, acrylic signs are the way to go. You can opt for clear or frosted acrylic plaques wherein the designs are digitally printed on the top or at the back portion, depending on your preferred effect. On the other hand, laser-cut acrylic letters are fantastic for achieving that seamless, professional, and modern look.
  • Metal signs: For businesses that want to look established, reputable, and serious, metal signs are a perfect choice. Law firm lobby signs are typically fabricated from metal because of those reasons. You can choose between metal letters or plaques, whichever suits your available space better.
  • Wall graphics: Vinyl signs are excellent tools for showcasing more than just your trademark and slogan. With these, you can communicate your company’s history, awards, recognitions, mission vision, and other branding elements that you want to be known for. They can even serve other purposes as well, depending on the design of your choice. Let’s say you have a beach resort. Your reception vinyl signage can feature an artistic map of your property so customers can easily find their way with little to no assistance.
  • 3D lobby signs: Add more emphasis to your official company name and logo with three-dimensional signs. With your signage partner, you can choose the perfect thickness and dimensions that match your interior design and branding requirements.
  • Lighted signs: Grab the attention of your clients immediately with illuminated office lobby signs. Backlit signs create an impressive halo effect that brings out the beauty of your trademark. Front-lit signs highlight different hues and tones of your branding. A combination of them will create a more eye-catching and memorable effect that will help your business in the long run. If you have a pre-existing sign that you want to revamp, adding some external illumination is a simple yet highly effective trick. Just make sure to choose the right angle and color that brings out the best features of your lobby signage for that perfect cherry on top.

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