5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Door Signs

To you, your office door signs have likely faded into the background. You don’t rely on them or even read them as new guests to your building do. But whether you notice them, door signs still make an impression on your customers. Is that impression negative? Look at your doors while you contemplate this list of signs that is it time to change your door signs.

  1. They are not Accurate

As staff have come and gone, have your door signs stayed accurate? Maybe some staff member’s names are wrong, or even their titles. This makes it harder for staff and clients to find who they are looking for in the building. This time consider investing in changeable office door signs that can keep up as your company makes changes.

  1. They are Dated

As the colors and décor of your building have changed over the years, have your door signs kept up? Small signs with old, hard to read fonts are especially dated as modern signs emphasize readability and a clean look. Don’t let your signs drag down an otherwise beautiful office.

  1. They Are Damaged

Office door signs with scratches, faded letters, rips or other damage send the message that your company doesn’t maintain the property well or care about the details. Your customers will notice the damage. It’s important to get any damaged signs fixed right away.

  1. They do not represent your Brand

In order to create a strong brand image, every aspect of your building has to contribute to it. Door signs with your old logo, colors, or font send mixed messages and dilute your brand. When you get new signs that better reflect your brand, they’ll feel more like they belong.

  1. They are not ADA Compliant

Maybe your current office door signs are older than the ADA. Or, maybe they were never designed and installed to the ADA’s standards. You can get fined for that, so it’s wise to get ADA compliant signs right away.

Get Stunning New Door Signs from Captivating Signs

Your door signs reflect upon your business, so work with a sign company that cares about what that reflection is. At Captivating Signs, we create unique, custom, thoughtful signs.

We may have solutions you’ve never thought of, from changeable office door signs to small wall murals that can be applied to doors. Get started today.

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