5 Tips For Using Wall Murals In Your Office

Wall murals are a quick way to get more color, life, and energy in your office environment. Few people realize how versatile wall murals are and how much they can add to the office environment. If you’re used to plainer wall signs, here are five tips that can change the way you use wall murals.

  1. Leave Your Expectations Behind

Wall murals have become so much more flexible now that they’re applied in a high-quality vinyl sheet. You can now have very detailed, vivid wall murals without breaking the bank. So, don’t be afraid to ask for complex designs and photo-realistic prints.

  1. Try Temporary Wall Murals

Because wall murals are so high-quality these days, they peel off easily and without leaving marks or residue behind on the wall. It’s easy for you to switch between wall murals, so you can have several with different seasonal themes or to promote sales events.

  1. Give Accent Walls Texture

If you or your interior designer feel that an accent wall is the best choice to add some personality or style to your office, consider using a wall mural instead of paint. Your texture and graphic options with wall murals can make the accent wall even better.

  1. Create Unity

Several smaller wall murals throughout your office space can make the whole building more beautiful and help unify the décor. This is a very pleasing look, and it gives you the opportunity to extend your branding impact in your space.

  1. Combine Wall Murals

Wall murals can create great backdrops for other indoor wall signs, like lobby directory signs, office door signs, and more. By placing a less expensive wall mural behind a more expensive sign, you make that sign look larger. You can also add a seasonal flavor to the sign by changing up the wall murals.

Wall Mural Advice From Captivating Signs

We’ve created many wall murals, for all kinds of businesses, and can tell you from experience how to make the most of these versatile signs. Reach out to us today for advice on wall murals.

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