5 Tips to Create a Custom Monument Sign That Stands Out

Outdoor signs are essential for keeping your business visible in your community. There are numerous types of signs to choose from, with monument signs being one of the most popular. These are signs that are strategically placed along a street to increase the visibility of your business, while also displaying your brand.

Monument business signs are extremely beneficial. They are long-lasting, can withstand harsh weather, and do not need to be replaced on a regular basis. These exterior signs are ideal for displaying your company’s name, tagline, logo, contact information, business hours, and other important details.

Here at Captivating Signs, we provide Chicago with high-quality monument signage that will assist your brand in developing and establishing its identity. Here are 5 tips to create a monument sign that captures attention.

Things to Consider When Designing a Monument Sign

  1. Design
    This signage can be tailored to your specific requirements. They can be mounted directly to the ground or raised slightly. Keep in mind that these signs are designed primarily for vehicular traffic, and people in fast-moving vehicles will be unable to read a complicated sign.

Though it is acceptable for them to be designed in unusual shapes, make sure to consider the sign’s colors, lighting, and size. Color combinations and size have a significant impact on legibility during the day.

  1. Location
    The location of your custom monument signs should be carefully considered. In addition to what looks best to you, think about where your sign will be seen by the most people in order for your message to have the most impact. Check your sign’s visibility from at least 100 feet away, and consider the angle of your sign as well.
  2. Materials
    The materials for your sign are also crucial. You want them to be of high quality because you want your sign to last as long as possible in addition to being visually appealing. Outdoor signage must be resistant to heat, humidity, and rain. You’ll need to choose a material for your sign that is both weather-resistant and long-lasting. Here are some materials to consider:

• Armored foam
• Brick
• Stucco
• Concrete block
• Metal
• Stone
• Wood

  1. Lighting
    Lighting is essential for making your monument sign a landmark and making it visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The proper lighting will improve visibility, safety, and brand recognition. Enhance the clarity and brightness of your monument sign with LED, which consumes less energy than traditional bulbs and requires less maintenance.
  2. Budget
    Most importantly to think about is your budget. Discuss your monument sign design and trim preferences with your sign designer. The monument sign cost will be affected by factors such as size, lighting, raised signage, changeable lettering, and materials. Here at Captivating Signs, we walk our clients through options and prices in a transparent manner so that you can stick to your budget.

When Looking for Monument Signs You
If you’re searching online for a monument sign company near you, Captivating Signs offers high-quality sign solutions that leave a positive impression on your target customers. We are a full-service sign company capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing signs that will boost business in your location.

Our team is committed to providing both excellent products and exceptional customer service. Please contact us today for a free consultation on your monument sign needs.

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