5 Tips to Design Commercial Vehicle Wraps that Grab Attention

Are you looking for vehicle wraps near you? Before you invest, consider what design you’ll need. The main job of any commercial vehicle wrap is to get attention so that it can spread your message and awareness of your brand. Whether you’re investing in a full wrap or simple vinyl lettering, it’s important to consider how the wrap will get attention. Here’s a few ways you can design an eye-catching commercial vehicle wrap.

  1. Bold Color

If your branding already has a bright or intense color, especially one that you wouldn’t typically find on the road, be sure you’re using it in your vehicle wrap. If your color is fairly typical, like a medium blue, try adding a contrast color to spice it up. Color is one of the most eye-catching elements of any sign design, including vehicle wraps.

  1. People & Products

Sure, it takes a very high-resolution image to look good on a vehicle wrap, but, boy, do they look good. People aren’t used to seeing a high-quality image of a person or your product on the road, so a vehicle wrap that features either will stand out.

  1. Texture Effects

If you don’t have the budget to produce a big image, or you don’t think your business lends well to images of products or people, consider adding a texture instead. Bubbles, ripples, crosshatches and other textures help your vehicle stand out against the plain un-textured vehicles near it.

  1. Keep it Simple

Though bold color, big images and textures are all eye-catching, together they may be too much. If your vehicle wrap is visually overwhelming, your brand message won’t be understandable. You want to leave some negative space on your design and focus on one or two big elements.

  1. Font Size

Remember, your vehicle will be in motion most of the time, so the font needs to be large enough to be readable. You also don’t want to have too much font. If someone can’t read it all in the time you drive by, it may not be worth the investment.

Design with Captivating Signs

Ready to invest in a vehicle graphic? If you have a design in mind, or if you need more guidance, Captivating Signs is your local choice for vehicle wraps. For commercial vehicle wraps near you, reach out to Captivating Signs today.

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