5 Tips to Design Sandwich Boards That are Impossible to Ignore

Sandwich board signs are all about tantalizing people and drawing them into your business. It’s safe to say that if people can ignore your A-frame sign, then it can’t do its job. So, the most important thing to do when designing the sign is to make sure that it will stand out and catch the attention of everyone walking by. That’s not always an easy feat, so here are our top five tips on how to design a sign that won’t be ignored in Chicago & Naperville, IL.

1. Consider Size

The size of an A-frame sign is important. The size dictates how easy the sign is to read, how much information can fit on it, and how much space it will take up on the sidewalk. You want people to be able to read the sign from very far away, so they have more time to connect with you. You also want to be able to include enough information on the sign that it is informative. However, you don’t want it to crowd out the sidewalk and make it uncomfortable for people to walk by. We suggest you choose the size of your sign first and then make other design decisions.

2. Add Jokes, Characters

People are more attracted to signs that amuse or delight them. If your business has a mascot or character, featuring them on the sign can help draw attention. If you don’t have a character, consider adding jokes, or even a simple pun, to amuse your audience.

3. Try Some Inspiration, Motivation

Jokes don’t fit in with every business model. However, it is on-brand for most businesses to inspire and motivate. Consider including an uplifting message on your temporary business signs to draw people’s attention and make them feel good about working with you. Gyms can motivate people to work out, charities can include the uplifting work they’ve done.

4. Make a Community Board

The best signs become fixtures that people check regularly. This gives them regular contact with your business. One way to achieve this is to dedicate space on the sign to be a community message board, where people can post their flyers for community events.

5. Work with a Creative Designer

By far, the best design decision you will make for your sandwich board sign is working with a professional who has the experience and creativity needed to make your sign a success. At Captivating Signs, we provide all kinds of permanent and temporary business signs. If you’re in Chicago & Naperville, contact us today.

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