5 Types of Exterior Lighted Business Signs

A business that adds a lighted building sign can see a huge increase in sales. But the kind of outdoor business sign you choose matters too. There are so many signs to choose from, and each helps you reach a different audience and can say something different about your brand. Choosing the right one is important, so trust the experts at Captivating Signs to give you a little guidance. Here are five types of outdoor lighted business signs you should consider.

 1. Channel Letters

You’ll see channel letters on virtually every store in Naperville & Chicago, IL. These are highly successful signs that we can perfectly customize to the brand they represent. The letters stand out from the building so much, even when they are not lit that they gain more attention than other kinds of outdoor lighted business signs. There are many lighting options for them too.

2. Monument Signs

If you need to say more than just your brand name, then lit monument signs are a great idea. The digital ones have room for a few sentences of information, so you can promote sales, events, or just send a message to the community. Schools and churches love these signs because they help make connections in the community.

3. Pylon Signs

What if all you want to do is promote your business, or the many businesses on your property, to the widest area possible? Then pylon signs are a great kind of outdoor business sign for you. These tall signs have room for many businesses and can be seen from far away.

4. Address Signs

You don’t need to have a lit address sign, but you can, and it makes an amazing impression on residents, tenants, guests, and more. If you want your building or business to be perceived as high-end, then a lit address sign is a great addition to your property.

5. Neon Signs

The old neon sign is still an option, and it can be a great one for the right business. These signs feel traditional, interesting, retro, and fun. You can get neon lighting for many different kinds of signs.  You can also recreate the look of neon with LED.

Get Expert Advice from Captivating Signs

We offer a wide range of lighted business signs and can point you to the ones that are the best options for your property, business, and budget. If you’re like a new sign and you’re in Chicago and Naperville, IL, talk to us today.

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