5 Types of Outdoor Signs You Can Use for Your Business

Outdoor business signs are representatives of your brand to the world. Essentially, these signs showcase who you are, what makes you different, what products or services you provide, and what sets you apart from others. Before investing in them, you need to consider your marketing goals, budget, and available space. After which, your signage partner will help you select the right visual communication tools that suit your needs and demands.

What are the Best Exterior Signs for Your Business in Naperville, Chicago?

  • Pylon signs: If you are surrounded by a sea of competitors and struggle to gain a competitive edge, you need to invest in pylon signs. These are built to tower over other establishments to give your company maximum visibility, even from afar. Having these signs will provide you with more opportunities to guide potential customers right to your front door. You can also use pylon signs to display the tenants found in your building or property.


  • Monument signs: Do you want your establishment to become a familiar landmark in Naperville and Chicago? Claim the location and establish a sense of permanence with monument signs. These are typically built with weather-resistant, durable materials such as stone, brick, and metal. They are also strategically installed at an eye-level right in front of your establishment where vehicles can see. Monument signs have a professional, reliable appeal, which is why universities, churches, and big corporations invest in them.


  • Digital display panels: Digital displays combine traditional and modern marketing methods. With these, you can showcase your latest product campaigns, upcoming events, seasonal discounts, and more. Because of the vibrant and high-resolution images and videos, you can easily get the attention of passersby and stand out from competitors. Another advantage of investing in digital signs is that you can easily replace or update the media from a control panel, inviting patrons to keep returning to your establishment to check out your newest offerings.


  • Channel letters: These three-dimensional lighted storefront signs are popular among many entrepreneurs because of their customization options, professional appearance, and captivating charm. You can choose between their four different types, namely front-lit, backlit, combination, and open-face. For entrepreneurs who want to invest in a show-stopping or head-turning sign, we recommend combination lighting which incorporates the lighted face and halo effect.


  • Awnings: These are highly versatile yet lightweight and affordable signs. Awnings are attached to your exterior entryway and windows to serve as a shade for outside customers. Since these signs feature your trademark, you are also effectively reinforcing your brand to your target audience.

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