5 Ways to Enhance Your Office Space With Custom ADA Signs

Signs are very important in promoting a business, and there’s one specific sign that no American business should overlook, ADA signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA is an act that ensures that visually and hearing-impaired people, as well as people who have difficulty speaking, can easily navigate a business or building. Any business signage strategy should include custom ADA signs.

Creating custom ADA signage improves the visibility of the signs and their effectiveness. They can be customized with contrasting texts, graphics, and background colors while remaining consistent with the style of your brand. Captivating Signs will ensure that your ADA office signs are correct to avoid penalties and possible permit terminations.

The law requires ADA signs to adhere to a strict standard of compliance. We listed 5 ways how to enhance your office with ADA signs. Continue reading to learn more.

Things to Keep In Mind When Installing ADA Signs at Your Office

  1. Use a Universal Standard of Accessible Designs:
    These signs contain precise information to ensure that your business is compliant. The size, finish, color background, and spacing of the sign must all be considered. These standards are in place to ensure that people with disabilities can find what they need in any public space, regardless of location.
  2. Follow Signage Mounting Requirement:
    As something mandated by law, these signs must be placed at a specific height. They must have 80″ of space between the floor and the bottom of the sign. There’s specific braille that should be used for ADA braille signs. The American Disability Act requires Grade II Braille.
  3. Have Dual Message Signage:
    Consider using dual message signage to ensure that your business is accessible to all customers. These are signs that incorporate both visual and tactile elements to create one cohesive look. Visual characters can be written in either capital or lowercase letters, whereas tactile characters must be written in uppercase. These signs must be legible from no more than 6 feet away.
  4. Apply General Symbols and Pictograms:
    As your business grows, more people will come and go, and some of them may not be native English speakers. Using common symbols or pictograms to describe a room, facility, or amenity instead of words will make your business more accessible and easier to navigate.
  5. Be Mindful of Signage Placements:
    If your business lacks wall space, you can place these signs next to a door or the nearest adjacent wall. You must keep in mind the required height and the distance between the floor and the base of your sign. One of the custom ADA sign regulations states that they cannot obstruct emergency equipment or exits.

Looking for ADA Signs Near You?

Captivating Signs is your go-to signage company in Illinois. We offer excellent customer service as well as high-quality signage products and services. Our team of experts will guide you from consultation to sign installation, ensuring that everything is in accordance with the ADA Act. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call (630) 403-8941.

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