5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Wall Signs

Are your walls looking a little bland? Whether you’re a retail location, office, or community center, you can use wall signs to further your brand, drive engagement and increase sales. As wall sign experts in Naperville, we want to share five ways that any business can get the best from wall signs.

  1. Seize the Branding Opportunity

One of the best uses for wall signs is in a lobby, where your sign can become a branding focal point. These signs help you make a stronger brand impression on any customer or would-be customer who walks through the door.

  1. Make It Picture Perfect

What if you want your products or your customers to be the focal point of your wall sign and not your brand? Then you might want to choose a vinyl wall mural. These can have beautiful, high quality images of your products, whether you sell fresh produce or electronics. Or, consider showing off some happy customers using your product. Showing the customer, you care about them can be a powerful strategy.

  1. Make Your Brand Shine with a Metal Sign

Have you considered metal signs for your walls? Metal signs give your brand a sense of quality and stability that few other materials can match. Sure, wood signs give off a similar vibe, but they are more down to earth and natural. Metal signs are better for companies that revolve around technology or want to project a more modern image.

  1. Go Big or Go Home

Another great way to maximize your wall office sign is to make it huge. Larger signs get more attention, they are visible from further away, and they can include more information than smaller signs. To get size and affordability in one package, we might suggest a banner. Banners can be hung from essentially any wall and make a significant impact.

  1. Light the Way

Typically, you may think of LED signs as outdoor signs, but there are lots of opportunities to use lighted signs indoors too. Lighted lobby signs look authoritative and help you make a stronger impression. Imagine a lighted office sign on your wall guiding customers to your office or explaining your products.

Get All Kinds of Wall Signs from Captivating Signs

When you want to get the most from your wall sign, work with us at Captivating Signs. We provide all kinds of wall signs, including office signs for your walls and metal signs for your walls. Reach out today.

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