6 Unique Ways to Impress Your Customers!

There’s no doubt that signage plays an important role in the reputation of your business. Not only does it entice people to come into your store or office, but it continues to impress them once they’re inside.

Indoor signs are the perfect way to keep your customers happy. You want them to stand out and make a bold statement to everybody that enters your building. Low quality, poorly placed signage can make it much harder for your business to build a strong and positive reputation and makes your brand much more forgettable.

Unique Ways Your Signage Can Be Used to Impress Your Customers

If you’re looking for a way to use your interior signs effectively, companies like Captivating Signs can provide custom signage solutions. Here are six unique ways to impress your clients and customers using your signage.

Make Them Noticeable

Your signage needs to stand out. You want every passerby to take note of your branding and logo to reinforce who you are and what you do. If you’re placing lobby signs in your entranceway, make them pop using 3D lettering or LED lighting. You should ensure that your signs are all high quality and adhere to your brand colors to make a strong visual impact.

Use Bold Contrasting Colors

The use of contrasting colors is an effective way to create signage that people will remember. It distinguishes the text from the background, making it easier for customers and clients to read the wording on your signs. If you’re using contrasting colors in your office signs, it may grab the attention of your employees more easily. You can reiterate your brand’s values and the message you want to convey to your team members during meetings and workshops.

Use Strategic Positioning

The positioning of your interior signs makes a substantial difference. To achieve the visual impact you’re aiming for, signage should be placed strategically in areas where it can be easily spotted.

Acrylic signs can be an efficient way to inform your visitors of important details like upcoming promotions and sales or to notify employees of any changes to company policies.

Don’t forget about the sun! If your indoor signs are near windows or doors, pay attention to which way the sun is facing. You want to avoid blinding your visitors as they navigate through your building.

Limit the Text

Too much writing can make your indoor signs look cluttered, and nobody will want to read them. Keep the text limited and focus on your core messaging.

Consider the Text Size

Make your signage visible and readable from afar. Aim to use a larger font size for your core messaging and a smaller font size for any additional information you want to include on your signage.

Consider Using Lighting

Lighting can also help your signage to stand out, illuminating it to be visible even in the dark. Popular lighting options include LED and compact fluorescent, and often the color of the lights can be customized to fit into your branding.

If you’re looking for high-quality indoor signs for your business, contact Captivating Signs today.

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