7 Creative Office Branding Design Ideas that Stand Out

Have you ever visited an office where you just can’t get comfortable because of its unpleasant atmosphere? Getting your business running smoothly doesn’t end in just having good employees and providing quality service. Give your company the right business branding to improve how people perceive your brand.

Office branding is defined as the art of designing an office space in ways to reflect your business’s mission, vision, and brand. Designing your office is not just placing signs in front of your building. This also includes using the right desks, creating comfortable meeting hubs, coordinating your company’s logo and color scheme as a theme of your space, and the list can go on. It is making sure that all the physical aspects of the workspace resonate with the company’s philosophy and trademark. We collected 7 creative branding design ideas that can make your company stand out

Office branding

It is always more attractive to see business names presented in a non-traditional way. Choosing signage that has the effect of popping out is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers. Exterior and interior signs for businesses in this style have a lot of options to offer. You choose from the following options:


Exterior Signage:


Interior Signage:

Decorate with Beautiful Art


It’s crucial to make sure that your employees are also getting the feel of your company. If you want to create a place where your employees’ creativity can be explored and your clients can be comfortable, consider upgrading your blank office walls with wall graphics and wall murals. Your mural design may vary from a view of famous landscapes to the glistening stars of the galaxy, or a more abstract design. These walls will not only make your office unique but also inspire visitors and staff to enjoy your artistic designs.



Upgrade Your Signs


It is not enough that you have interesting walls and good furniture. You also need to have good directions within your office space. Replacing your usual restroom, parking, and office signs in your common areas and turning them into something fun and creative that matches your company’s style and color scheme is a good way to go. You are not only increasing your staff productivity by reducing the number of times visitors need to ask for directions but also impressing your clients and guests by having a friendly space that’s easy to navigate.


Make a Fun Huddle Room


Having meetings and seeing the same white blank wall for hours while discussing important matters can get monotonous. Enhance your office walls, windows, and doors with engaging designs and see where it will lead you. Interesting designs can boost employees’ creativity and help keep morale higher.


Light It Up


Illuminate your interior with custom lights that will attract all your possible clients. With an array of colors and lighted sign designs, these lights will help your business attract clients from the inside out.


Put Your Mission on Display


Placing a reminder in your workplace about your company’s goals, values, principles, and history keeps everyone at work grounded in what your brand stands for. Installing a mission statement wall design will serve as the everyday reminder of your company’s commitment to your clients and staff.


Do It Once and for All


Designing, or redesigning your office from scratch and considering all aspects of your company’s brand all at once will save time in comparison to updating your space one piece at a time. Your designs and trademarks will be consistent from the start. Your exterior and interior signs will be constructed cohesively so that when your clients visit your space, they can easily see and feel the image you want for your business.



Designing office spaces can go from having simple wall graphics to installing an entire wall mural. Choosing the right interior signage and decals that go with your brand identity plays a major role in establishing your business.


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