Boost Your Customer Engagement with Interactive Wall Signs

Interactive wall signs offer more value, both for your customers and for your business than plain lettered signs. Here are some exciting ways that you can engage your customers and provide them with better service when you use an interactive sign on your business walls.

Let Customers Order

Do office signs for your walls include a list of your products or services? If so, you can significantly improve on them by allowing your customers to order right away. Many customers will appreciate the experience of getting their orders started quickly. If it doesn’t make sense to have your customers order without one of your employees helping them, then your wall signs can include a full menu, or a full explanation of your services, which can encourage them to make bigger purchases. Unlike metal letters for your wall, interactive signs can change to give customers more information when they request it.


Do your customers need to check-in when they arrive? Whether you’re a health care provider or an auto shop, it may significantly help your staff to have customers check-in and alert you to their basic concerns. This can help triage customers and can help staff organize their efforts to serve your customers better. If you have a membership or rewards program, you can also let customers identify themselves when they check-in, so that they can get the benefits they pay for faster.

Entertain Those Who are Waiting

Office signs for walls don’t have to be purely functional. Instead, they can be artistic, atmosphere-creating, entertainment pieces. If you’re the kind of business that might invest in television to entertain your customers, then you can get significantly better results from an interactive sign. Let customers choose the display, music, and brightness from the lobby sign, to create an environment that they are personally comfortable with. This is great for therapist’s offices and other environments that may make people uncomfortable.

Or, you can create an interactive game for your wall sign. This can be great for businesses that have a lot of children waiting in the lobby, including health care offices.

Get Inspired and Engaged Customers with New Custom Signs

The best interactive signs are those that fit your business, your customers, and your wall perfectly! If you’re in Chicago and Naperville, IL, reach out to us at Captivating Signs.

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