Build Strong Brand Recognition with Monument Signs

Brand recognition is key to your business’s success. You want your customers and your would-be customers to think of your brand and to do so often. They should be receptive to your advertising and to understand what your brand is all about, from a glance. Building brand recognition is therefore essential to new businesses and to those who are trying to change their brand image.

There are many ways to increase brand recognition, but one of the best is with monument signs. They have several advantages that can help you create a much stronger brand presence. Here’s what you need to know:

Location, Location, Location

Monument signs have a great advantage when it comes to location. Unlike fascia signs or window signs, you can place a monument sign right near the road or at the entrance to your property. When placed at the entry way, your monument sign can reach more people and make a bigger impression. This is especially valuable for businesses that are placed far back from the road because they otherwise have a weak brand presence at their entrance. Businesses with gated entrances benefit from monument signs for the same reason.

Classy & Customizable

Modern monument signs have even more customization options than in the past. We can design your monument sign to perfectly reflect your existing branding, in color, text and more. Include your logo on the monument sign to make your brand stand out.

What if you don’t have strong existing branding?

Let’s say you want a monument sign for an apartment building. You don’t want your brand on the sign, you want the building’s own brand. At Captivating Signs, we can help you come up with the right monument sign design, even if you don’t have existing branding. Getting your brand right is our passion.

Working with Your Landscaping

The best monument signs are designed to work with your landscaping instead of clash with it. You can get a monument sign made of stone or brick that matches the stone or brick on your property. The sign should have the same overall style of your landscaping, whether that’s elegant and refined or natural and wild. Our design team will make sure it fits seamlessly with the landscaping work you’ve already done.

Let’s Create Your Ideal Monument Sign

If you’re in Naperville and thinking about boosting your brand recognition, get a modern monument sign for your business from Captivating Signs. We’ll work with you to ensure that your monument sign has the right materials, design and placement to maximize your brand recognition. Contact us today.

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